20 Hilarious Cranky Kid Photos

Don’t let kids fool you. Sure, they’re quiet, peaceful, little angels when they’re catching up on their Zzzs. But wake them up a second too early, skip their nap, or feed them the wrong brand of baby food, and they’ll flip their switch faster than you can scream: “Sedative!” In honor of these cranky tykes, we bring you 20 hilarious photos of babes who definitely got their panties … or should we say diapers … in a bunch. —Jenn Gimbel

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  • Enough said 1 of 20
    Enough said
    This crabby tot was having one. bad. day. The upside? He won our "Cranky Kid of the Week" contest! Check out this video, where he humbly thanked us for the title. Surprise, surprise — he's still cranky!
    Submitted by Amy
  • “But mom … polka dots are SO last season!” 2 of 20
    "But mom … polka dots are SO last season!"
    Pretty sure this fashion-savvy babe would've been at peace if her mom opted for the striped dress.
    Submitted by Abby
  • We Hail Thee: King of the Crankies 3 of 20
    We Hail Thee: King of the Crankies
    Somebody get this kid a happy meal — STAT!
    Submitted by Sky
  • Were not a fan of Valentines Day, either… 4 of 20
    Were not a fan of Valentines Day, either…
    It looks like someone could use a little visit from Cupid — or at least the cranky police.
    Submitted by Heather
  • “What you lookin at?!” 5 of 20
    "What you lookin at?!"
    We can't decide whether this little guy is suffering from cranky baby blues … or horrible gas.
    Submitted by Jamie
  • Hes not a fan… 6 of 20
    Hes not a fan…
    His parents may be rooting for the Rangers, but this little guy's heart belongs to the Yankees. Good man.
    Submitted by Jennifer
  • “Not now — Im in the bathroom!” 7 of 20
    "Not now — Im in the bathroom!"
    We'd be cranky, too, if our mom tried taking pictures of us on the potty.
    Submitted by Maria
  • Shattered dreams 8 of 20
    Shattered dreams
    Weston's a little upset. He was just told the starring role in the new Muppets movie went to Kermit. Tough break.
    Submitted by Marina
  • Like brother, like sister 9 of 20
    Like brother, like sister
    He's crying ‘cause she's crying … she's crying ‘cause he's crying … and their parents are looking for earplugs.
    Submitted by Amanda
  • Naptime lock down 10 of 20
    Naptime lock down
    "If mom doesn't get me outta this crib soon, I'm gonna jump. I will. Don't tempt me."
    Submitted by Allyson
  • “Get me outta this thing!” 11 of 20
    "Get me outta this thing!"
    We don't know what she's crying about — that robe looks pretty comfy.
    Submitted by Brenda
  • “I just want my womb.” 12 of 20
    "I just want my womb."
    It looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bassinet.
    Submitted by Crista
  • One fish. Two fish. Cranky fish. Blue fish. 13 of 20
    One fish. Two fish. Cranky fish. Blue fish.
    After hours of posing for next month's "Sports Illustrated: Baby Swimsuit Edition," this little one's had enough.
    Submitted by Daisy
  • Meet the 8th dwarf: Cranky 14 of 20
    Meet the 8th dwarf: Cranky
    She's sick and tired of living in Snow White's shadows…
    Submitted by Ira
  • Drama queen 15 of 20
    Drama queen
    "But mom, you promised to let me go see Disney Princesses on Ice if I cleaned my room!"
  • “Whens naptime?” 16 of 20
    "Whens naptime?"
    She's all about swim-time, but NOT when it interferes with her beauty sleep.
    Submitted by Jamalyn
  • The cranky cruiser 17 of 20
    The cranky cruiser
    "How many more times do I have to ask you? Are we there yet?!"
    Submitted by Stephanie
  • Choo choo! 18 of 20
    Choo choo!
    "Mom! How am I supposed to go to work if my conductor's hat is in the wash?"
    Submitted by Christina
  • “But theyre my favorite…” 19 of 20
    "But theyre my favorite…"
    This little crankster was just informed OshKosh B'Gosh discontinued his favorite denim overalls. Bummer.
    Submitted by Darci
  • She didn’t mean to lose her cool… 20 of 20
    She didn't mean to lose her cool...
    "I want my silly bandz, and I want them now!"
    Submitted by Jessica

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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