20 Inspirational Ideas for Conquering Toy Clutter

It's a disaster zone!

I’m getting real here, to the left is a picture of what our guest room/office/toy room looked like this morning when I got up. Yes, it is a little bit a lot of a disaster. And unfortunately, it looks like this on a regular basis. That room is my nemesis.

The problem is that even if we try to keep it picked up regularly, we really don’t have a good solution for storing and organizing our toys, either in this room, or in the kids’ bedroom, which is the upstairs converted attic in our house. So as soon as the kids start to play again, it looks like this pretty quickly.

One of my goals for the new year is to get organized around our house, and also in anticipation of possibly doing some room rearranging, I’ve been on the search for cute and practical toy organization and storage ideas.

Here are 20 of the best ideas I found for conquering our toy clutter:

  • Using clear containers on shelves 1 of 20
    I love the idea of using clear containers with lids, so that kids can easily see what is in each container, both to find what they want to play with, and to put things away. I also really like the vertical use of space.
    Find tons of great clear containers and great tips for organizing at The Container Store.
  • DIY Cabinet Window Seat 2 of 20
    This cute toy cabinet is made from an upper kitchen cabinet. I love that the doors hide away what's inside, and that is serves double-duty, as a super cute window seat.
    See instructions to make your own cabinet window seat.
  • Under Bed Storage 3 of 20
    This is such a great idea to use the space under the bed to store toys! And I think most kids would love the idea of having a lofted bed!
    Click here for more details about this room.
  • Inexpensive Book Racks 4 of 20
    These cute little shelves are just inexpensive spice racks from Ikea, and I think it's a great way to use wall space, make books accessible for kids, and even easier for them to pick up themselves, than having to place them back onto a regular book shelf.
    See more about this idea atDomestic Simplicity.
  • Dress Up Storage 5 of 20
    My kids love to play dress up, but right now all our dress up clothes get thrown into a plastic bin, which means they get strewn all over the place when they are trying to find what they want to wear. This great upcycle from an old dresser is the perfect solution for making dress up clothes easily accessible, and it's super cute too!
    Get directions to create your own dress up station.
  • DIY Lego Table 6 of 20
    The best part about Legos is building and creating with them, the worst part is picking them up and storing them. This DIY Lego table addresses both issues with a fun and easy place to play, with storage built right in.
    Get directions to make this DIY Lego table.
  • Low Shelves 7 of 20
    While I love the idea of using vertical space for storage, it's also important that toy storage be accessible on a child's level, both for playing, and for cleaning up. I love the idea of these low shelves, and wish we had enough space to do something like this.
    Click here for directions to make these shelves yourself.
  • Tall cabinet storage 8 of 20
    The opposite of the previous picture, this toy storage uses free standing pantry cabinets to create tall storage that can be closed behind doors when not in use. I like that this limits a child's ability to get all the toys out at once, which is one of the major contributors to toy clutter at our house.
    Find inspiration to get toy clutter under control.
  • Under the bed rolling boxes 9 of 20
    Utilizing under the bed storage is a great way to maximize space in a small room, but it can be hard to find ways to still keep toys accessible. I love the idea of these old soda boxes on casters, making them easy to roll in and out from under the bed.
    Find this idea, and many more creative storage ideas, here.
  • Outdoor Toy Storage 10 of 20
    Outdoor toys are another thing we struggle with keeping contained and organized. And while we're under about a foot of snow here right now, I'm filing away this idea for metal pails with chalkboard paint labels to use this spring.
    Click here for more details on this solution for outdoor toys.
  • Montessori Set-Up 11 of 20
    My daughter attends a Montessori preschool and I would love to incorporate some of the elements of Montessori learning into our home. These low shelves with activities on trays are a perfect example and inspiration for that.
    Click here to find more ideas for setting up a Montessori space at home.
  • DIY Storage Boxes 12 of 20
    One of the obstacles to conquering clutter can sometimes be the need for cheap storage options. I love that these beautiful baskets are made from something we all probably have an abundance of, diaper boxes!
    Click here for directions to make storage baskets out of diaper boxes.
  • Cabinet and Shelf Combination 13 of 20
    I love the combination of cabinets and shelves here, with the clear storage containers, and that some of the stuff you might not want kids playing with without supervision (games) are up on a higher shelf.
    See more about this cabinet and shelf combination.
  • Toy Labels 14 of 20
    I think one of the most important things when using boxes or baskets to store toys is to label them so kids can easily see where toys go while picking up. This is something we desperately need to do, and I love these printable labels that include the word and the picture, for little ones who aren't able to read yet.
    Find the free printable labels here.
  • In the floor storage 15 of 20
    What a brilliant idea to build toy storage into the floor! If we were ever redoing a child's bedroom or building a house, this is definitely a storage solution I would want to use!
    Click here for more details.
  • Another Cabinet and Shelf Combination 16 of 20
    Again, I really like the idea of a cabinet and shelf combination. In this one, the shelves are on the bottom and the cabinets are at the top, which makes things more accessible for younger children, and allows parents more control over the toys that are in the cabinets.
    Find this, and more storage ideas, from Pottery Barn Kids.
  • Hanging Planter Storage 17 of 20
    I really love this cute and easy idea for using wall space for storing odd shaped items like stuffed animals that don't really fit well into boxes or baskets. I would love to put one of these by each of my kids' beds for all of their dolls and animals that they want to have near them, but I don't want taking over their beds!
    Find lots of creative storage ideas here.
  • DIY Toy Storage Cabinet 18 of 20
    This post is a great inspiration for making your own toy storage cabinet. Maybe I can convince my hubs to make me one like this!
    Get inspired here.
  • Fabric Storage Bins 19 of 20
    Another cute and clever use for wall space, using a curtain rod and fabric bins!
    Click here for the directions!
  • Using vertical space 20 of 20
    When you live in a small house like we do, you need to maximize space as much as possible. I love the idea of using vertical space above the dresser, that otherwise gets forgotten. We used to use the top of the kids' dresser as a changing table, but now that we have an actual changing table, I would love to add some storage above their dresser.
    Click here for more ideas for organizing kid's rooms.

Do you constantly battle toy clutter at your house?

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