20 More Rockin' Toddler Rooms!

Can I be a kid again?

Ok seriously… I am still fully engulfed inside these toddler and kid bedrooms on Pinterest, and every time I start to try and step away from the computer to actually work — I come across the most amazing room I have seen in my life.

No seriously!  Some of these rooms make me want to be a child again so I can trade in the princess like canopy bed I had growing up for a loft bed that looks like it belongs in a magazine.

I guess I am just going to have to live vicariously through my kids as they get older, and we repeatedly renovate their bedroom as their taste in bedding themes changes.

Right now the toddler has Cars because who doesn’t love Lightening McQueen? I mean, I even like him and I am working on 30!

So lets check out some of the other amazing rooms I know you all are just going to die for!

  • Colorful Floral 1 of 20
    Colorful Floral
    How cute is this?
    I am not sure I would have mixed plaid with the flower print, but they make it work!
    That teddy bear also reminds me of one I had when I was a kid!
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  • Fire Truck Theme 2 of 20
    Fire Truck Theme
    My son's would just died to have a bed like this!
    They are OBSESSED with anything fire house, or fire truck since Daddy is a fireman.
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  • Super Hero Room! 3 of 20
    Super Hero Room!
    This is an awesome idea for a super hero themed bedroom.
    My kids haven't gotten really into super heroes, but I have some friends who would totally do this for their kids!
    Would you?
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  • Dr. Seuss Room 4 of 20
    Dr. Seuss Room
    I love Dr. Seuss!
    What an awesome idea for a bedroom, but the best part is how much it is going to encourage your toddler to love reading!
    We have tons of Dr. Seuss books and I really think all toddlers should!
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  • Girly Flower Room 5 of 20
    Girly Flower Room
    I absolutely love the hand painted wall with the bird houses.
    What little girl wouldn't love something like that.
    Especially if she loves birds like my toddlers do.
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  • Butterfly Bedroom 6 of 20
    Butterfly Bedroom
    I love this one too!
    But what I love most is the actual BED! Look at it!
    An old picket fence for a bed frame is genius!
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  • Great Shared Room Idea 7 of 20
    Great Shared Room Idea
    I absolutely adore the colors this room has.
    Our boys would love something like this!
    I really love the wicker chair most of all though. Growing up we had them in my home, and it is one of those things that really make me feel "at home"! Click here to check out this room
  • Loft Bed Idea 8 of 20
    Loft Bed Idea
    Ok another one I would want for myself!
    I love this loft bed, the railings are perfect for younger kids... if you dare let them have a loft bed, and the little cubby nook is perfect for toddlers!
    They all love to play, hide, and think they have a hideout!
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  • Princess Castle! 9 of 20
    Princess Castle!
    Who wouldn't want a Princess castle with a slide?
    Do they make this in adult sizes?
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  • Jungle Time 10 of 20
    Jungle Time
    This reminds me of Swiss Family Robinson!
    One of my favorite stories from when I was a kid! But really what kid wouldn't like this?
    I am not sure how long the entire set up would last with my kids in the house, but hey... it would be nice to start out with right?
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  • Ikea Dream 11 of 20
    Ikea Dream
    All these pieces are from Ikea and arranged perfectly!
    Of course I would put up a rail for the bed itself, but this is an amazing idea for storage!
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  • My Storage Dream! 12 of 20
    My Storage Dream!
    I only wish I had enough room in my house for a storage unit like this in my toddlers room.
    It would make my life so much easier... and plus how cool is that?
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  • Ferris Wheel! 13 of 20
    Ferris Wheel!
    A ferris wheel? Really?
    I mean, it really doesn't get any cooler than that!
    What a great decorative idea which is also functioning!
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  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar! 14 of 20
    The Very Hungry Caterpillar!
    One of my favorite books of all time!
    I love the Very Hungry Caterpillar! And this is a great simple yet detailed room decorating idea themed on the book!
    Another room to help encourage great reading from an early age!
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  • Simple and Cute 15 of 20
    Simple and Cute
    I love this idea for loft beds as well.
    It looks extremely helpful for saving space, as well as unisex which is a big deal for some families!
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  • Corner Bed 16 of 20
    Corner Bed
    I love this!
    I love all of these actually, but this is a great idea to utilize a corner of a bedroom!
    I also love that it is hand made like the fence post bed above.
    Although it will only be able to really fit a child to a certain age! Not really working past toddlerhood!
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  • Colorful, Clean, and Simple! 17 of 20
    Colorful, Clean, and Simple!
    The paint theme in this room is perfect!
    Just a little bright, lots of white, and not too over the top, and it accents the bedding and storage perfectly.
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  • Frames Frames Frames! 18 of 20
    Frames Frames Frames!
    I would love to do something like this with one of our kids rooms!
    I love how there are so many framed pictures and prints, it really puts a new meaning to special.
    It gives their room a warm and homelike feeling.
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  • Airplanes! 19 of 20
    This is a new and modern spin on an airplane themed room.
    I really like how new age it looks because typically when you see planes in a toddler room it has a really vintage look to it!
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  • Custom Wall Art 20 of 20
    Custom Wall Art
    The custom wall art here really makes this!
    I love the words, and how perfectly they all go together to encourage your toddler.
    You can actually buy this one on Etsy at the link below!
    Click here for Etsy

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