Hi. I’m New Around Here. Let’s Get To Know Each Other!

20 Random Facts About MeHi. My name is Lauren Hartmann, blogger at The Little Things We Do and I’m new around these toddler parts. I’ve been blogging for Babble for awhile now and have moved from Being Pregnant, to Baby’s First Year¬†and now I’m here blogging about toddler things.

I’ll admit that toddlers are an entirely new territory for me, so I’m sure I’ll be soliciting a lot of advice and encouragement from you more seasoned mamas as I go. BUT, in the mean time, I thought it would be nice for us to get to know one another a bit since (hopefully!) you’ll be reading my posts. So, I’m sharing 20 random facts about myself and then I would love if you’d share a few random facts about yourself in the comments so I can get to know YOU!

  • I live in Portland Oregon. 1 of 20
    I live in Portland Oregon.
    I was born in Los Angeles, but have lived in Oregon since I was six, so I feel like I've earned the right to call myself an Oregonian. I love everything about Portland and enjoy partaking in the delicious culinary offerings of this lovely city with my family and friends.
  • I have a baby named Fern Winter. 2 of 20
    I have a baby named Fern Winter.
    My daughter is named Fern after my great grandmother and her middle name is Winter because she was born during the first snowfall of the year.
  • I married my high school sweetheart. 3 of 20
    I married my high school sweetheart.
    My husband Craig and I have known each other since 4th grade when he was best friends with my brother. I thought he was annoying, but we ended up becoming friends in high school and then started dating my senior year and now 11 years later, we're happily married. I like to say that he's my real-life Mr. Darcy a story of love to hate.
  • I am a freelance stylist. 4 of 20
    I am a freelance stylist.
    I haven't done it as much since I had my little one, but I enjoy taking on freelance gigs styling wardrobe (and occasionally props) for photo shoots. This one is from a shoot for Kinfolk Magazine that I did wardrobe styling for.
  • I am a Christian, but I won’t get preachy. 5 of 20
    I am a Christian, but I won't get preachy.
    My faith is a very important part of my life and who I am, but I promise I won't be pushing it on anyone.
  • I like to play dress-up with my baby. 6 of 20
    I like to play dress-up with my baby.
    I used to have fun experimenting with fashion, but nowadays I have even more fun putting together ensembles for my little one.
  • I hate my postpartum hair. 7 of 20
    I hate my postpartum hair.
    Is it even really considered postpartum when you have a toddler? Probably not, but either way, my hair still sucks and this headband is my saving grace for covering up crazy baby hairs.
  • I’m half Mexican, but can’t speak Spanish. 8 of 20
    I'm half Mexican, but can't speak Spanish.
    My mom works at a bilingual school and speaks Spanish fluently, as do most of my relatives on my mom's side of the family, but alas, I never had the patience to learn Spanish though I wish I had.
  • I have had 20+ jobs in my life. 9 of 20
    I have had 20+ jobs in my life.
    Here are a few of the many jobs I've had in my life: employment specialist, quality control specialist, reading specialist, child and adolescent treatment specialist (a lot of jobs where I was a "specialist", which is now sounding like a really strange word. That's a word, right?), busser, hostess, folder (retail), junior high dance chaperone, college note-taker, day camp coordinator, preschool teacher, wardrobe stylist, blogger, mom. Basically a lot.
  • I have a terrible sweet tooth. 10 of 20
    I have a terrible sweet tooth.
    I could eat froyo for every meal of the day and have never met a sweet I didn't like. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure I passed this along to my daughter as she already seems to prefer fruit far more than her veggies.
  • I am a recent morning person. 11 of 20
    I am a recent morning person.
    My husband recently tricked me into becoming a morning person. I needed to get up earlier in order to find extra time to blog, but wasn't feeling very motivated, so Craig offered to make me coffee every morning...and not just any coffee - a delicious mocha made with espresso beans he roasts himself and chocolate syrup made from scratch. I was sold and now I enjoy this little bit of time to myself every morning.
  • I’m a lazy crafter. 12 of 20
    I'm a lazy crafter.
    I love the idea of crafting and I take on quite a few crafty projects, but I only take on the easiest of the easy DIYs - the ones that seem way more impressive than they actually are. So, if you ever see a DIY project by me, you can rest assured it's easy enough for even the most novice crafter.
  • I had an out-of-hospital, drug-free birth 13 of 20
    I had an out-of-hospital, drug-free birth
    I delivered my baby at a birthing center without any drugs and it was one of the most amazing and empowering experiences of my life.
  • I have a few hippie tendencies. 14 of 20
    I have a few hippie tendencies.
    Having a natural childbirth started my interest in things that might be considered a bit "hippie" - including herbal remedies and tinctures, montessori floor beds and even having my placenta encapsulated.
  • I love a good beard. 15 of 20
    I love a good beard.
    After years of trying to convince him, my husband finally grew a beard and I'm a big fan.
  • My baby is more popular than me 16 of 20
    My baby is more popular than me
    Whenever I post a photo of Fern on social media it gets a bajillion "likes", but when I post something non-Fern-related it gets barely any attention. I guess it's not her fault she's so popular.
  • I love dressing up. 17 of 20
    I love dressing up.
    Fancy, silly or otherwise, I love any excuse to get dressed up. 10 Points to anyone who guesses who we're dressed up like in this photo.
  • I’m obsessed with my crockpot. 18 of 20
    I'm obsessed with my crockpot.
    I use my crockpot more than anyone else I know - at least 2 or 3 times a week. It's the best kitchen appliance ever invented. We'd be eating takeout every night if it weren't for the crockpot.
  • I love hosting parties. 19 of 20
    I love hosting parties.
    I've hosted so many bridal and baby showers, birthdays and even coordinated a few weddings. I love seeing my vision come to life and even more adding in the challenge of doing it on a budget.
  • I am a work in progress. 20 of 20
    I am a work in progress.
    I am not a perfect person or parent in any way, just a work in progress trying to figure it out as I go. I hope you'll join me in the adventure and journey of parenthood!

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