20 Cool Color Projects For Toddlers And Preschoolers

I’ve become a slave to PINTEREST. I mean, who hasn’t? ┬áIt’s seriously fun and it makes you feel like you’re creative and crafty with the click of your finger. I’m a big fan of anything colorful and I know the toddler and preschool set love colors, too. Heck, there’s a whole group dedicated to studying colors at my son’s Reggio-Inspired school. Every day I pick him up and there are beautiful bottles of every shade of purple or orange, or whatever color they are investigating.

Let’s face it, colors are COOL. There are tons of fun and easy projects you can do with your toddler and preschooler to teach them about colors, or just surround them with colors. Either way, check out these really amazing ideas that can be done in your bathtub, your backyard or at your kitchen table!

  • Color Hunt 1 of 20
    This is a great activity to do with your very young toddler (under 2).
    For the how-to, see Fun & Engaging Crafts For Toddlers.
  • Color Sort 2 of 20
    Using natural objects that are painted and cute little wooden bowls, toddlers can learn to sort colors. Be mindful of small pieces for young toddlers.
    For instructions see Seedpod Craft Studio.
  • Mess-Free Finger Painting! 3 of 20
    A zip-lock bag and some tempura paint attached to a bright window. Is this genius, or what?
    For details seeNo One Has More Fun.
  • Color Theory 4 of 20
    To take the finger painting one step further, you can teach your toddler about color theory and how colors mix, inside a zip-lock. Incidentally, you can point out the color changes on the zipper as well.
    For instructions see Make And Takes.
  • Bubble Wrap Painting 5 of 20
    This is a great introduction to print-making. Paint with tempura paint and then press on white paper. They look cool framed, too. Great for preschoolers.
    To see how go to Intello Kids.
  • Bubble Paint 6 of 20
    I'm anxious to try this really cool craft. Mixing dish soap and paint and then blowing bubbles. See the next slide for the results.
    Check out Meet The Dubiens.
  • Bubble Paint Finished Painting 7 of 20
    See what I mean? Isn't this the coolest?
    See a detailed tutorial on Meet The Dubiens.
  • Bath Paint 8 of 20
    Find out how to make paint for the bath tub that doesn't stain. It's easy!
    You can find details on My Suburban Homestead.
  • Shaving Cream Paint 9 of 20
    For more fun bath activities, try making colorful shaving cream "paint."
    Learn how atBeacon Villages.
  • Colored Iced Cubes 10 of 20
    These are great for the bath, too. Or just drop some in a clear glass of water and watch what happens!
    Instructions are available on Mommysavers.
  • Spray Paint For Toddlers 11 of 20
    Make your own spray paint easily. Click the next slide to see the results.
    See how to make it at Sun Hats & Wellie Boots.
  • Spray Paint Finished Piece 12 of 20
    These cool paintings are so easy for even the littlest toddlers!
    Read how to make Sun Hats & Wellie Boots.
  • Fizzy Colors 13 of 20
    I think these look so neat, and I can imagine it must be fun to watch while you make them, too.
    See the tutorial at Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas.
  • Colored Noodles 14 of 20
    This is a great project for older toddlers who are ready to start beading. Colorful noodle necklaces are great preschool projects! A lesson plan is available at
    Always Learning.
  • Colored Sand Collage 15 of 20
    Sand is such a tactile material that toddlers love. Colored sand mixed with a little glue make a cool art collage.
    Get the tutorial from Disney Family Fun.
  • Gak or Flubber 16 of 20
    This stuff is so much fun! I'd reserve it for the older toddlers and preschoolers, as long as they're not putting stuff in the mouth.
    A recipe is available on Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas.
  • Rainbow Playdough 17 of 20
    Who doesn't love playdough. You can buy it but it's so easy to make.
    See how on An Art Nest.
  • Snow Paintings 18 of 20
    This is the coolest, literally! It almost makes me want to live in a cold climate. I know I'd be making all sorts of colorful pictures with my kids if I did.
    A tutorial is available on Really Quite Lucky.
  • Sensory bottles 19 of 20
    Mixing colors with different liquids can create really interesting effects.
    See how to make these interesting bottles on Step By Step.
  • Colorful Bottle Xylophone 20 of 20
    My senses are on overload with this one. How cool is this?? These beautiful rainbow-colored water bottles are also a musical instrument!
    To see how to make this fabulous instrument go to Chasing Cheerios.


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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