20 Reasons that 3-Year-Olds Are Awesome!

Our toddler Izaiah turned 3 in March.  This particular toddler, whom I love so so much – is uhm, how do I say this – quite the WILD CHILD.  He has knocked his teeth into his gums. I can’t count the number of black eyes the boy has sustained. A day doesn’t go by where he isn’t bruised or scraped. While he eats a ton, he manages to put as much food on the floor as he does his stomach. Yes, he is that kid – and he is all mine.

All of this wild child behavior began at the age of 18 months. At the time, our other toddler was just 2 months. While some of his behavior may have been due to the new sibling – much of it was the terrible two’s.  With our first set of kids, we never experienced any crazy terrible 2 type behavior. Sure there were tantrums and outbursts, but what Izaiah behavior resembled – was that of a comedy show, you know the kind where you are like NO way that could happen in real life? Yeah, he was that extreme.

To my surprise, over the last few months his behavior has matured. Numerous people have told me, “Oh, it’s not 2 that’s bad, it’s 3!”…. which has left me scared for what this year would hold. While he still has the wild child streak in him, the mischievousness has somewhat subdued and now he is my new little B.F.F.

If you are a mom of a terrible 2, there is hope!  3 is where it’s at!  Here are 20 reasons to look forward to having a 3-year-old.

  • 3-Year-Olds Are AWESOME! 1 of 21
    3 year olds are awesome

    3-year-olds are AWESOME, and I totally am not even being sarcastic! Ever since my Izaiah turned 3, it's like he's a new kid. Gone are the terrible 2's - check out why 3 is the best!

  • Listening 2 of 21

    As a 2-year-old, getting this kid to do anything was next to impossible. Now he listens and can follow directions. (most of the time - but major improvements!)

  • Reading Books 3 of 21
    reading books

    Izaiah is all of sudden infatuated with reading.  Before, he would rip the pages and could careless about the words I said. Now he listens intently to the story and then re-reads the story with his own sound effects before going to bed.

  • Patience 4 of 21

    Today I was able to get my oil changed with the two toddlers. This is AMAZING. I only had 1 to chase, rather than 2.  Izaiah set patiently while screaming at his brother Zeke to "STOP!"

    Dying eggs last year would of resulted in someone getting nailed with an egg. This year, he patiently waited for each egg to change colors - this is progress people.

  • Snuggle Buddy 5 of 21
    snuggle buddy

    Every weekday morning, after getting our oldest 2 kids off to school at 7 a.m., Izaiah slips in bed next to me and the hubs for snuggle time.  This is a child who refused to co-sleep after he turned 1 month old!

  • Opinions 6 of 21

    I love watching my kids become little people and form their own opinions.

    For example, Izaiah believes we should ALWAYS wants butter with dinner. We rarely eat butter - but the boy is determined for it to be a staple. 

    Note to self, don't let Izaiah watch Paula Deen. 

  • Sharing 7 of 21

    Sharing is something I never thought I would see, but sure enough Izaiah is actually learning! 

  • Love 8 of 21

    Our youngest child is so affectionate and loving, where this is never been a strength of Izaiah's until recently. I always knew he loved me, but it was never shown - until now.

  • Getting Himself Dressed 9 of 21
    dressing himself

    While he isn't fully dressing himself yet, Izaiah can pull on shorts and get his shoes on. Oh and apparently, he can make a belt out of duct tape! Talent! 

    This is such a big help, getting 4 kids out the door is quite the feat. And YAY, he is okay wearing clothes again. That naked phase just killed me!

  • Sense of Humor 10 of 21
    sense of humor

    All of a sudden, the kid is a comic. He now knows what makes us laugh and so will repeatedly do it. Gotta love that!

  • Helping Out 11 of 21
    helping out

    Our 2 older kids, it's a fight to do any type of cleaning. Izaiah is always wanting to help. He will try to sweep and vacuum. Any help I can get, I'll take!

    Look, he is even help clean up the paper shreds that him and his brother dumped out (OMG, such a disaster!)


  • Empathy 12 of 21

    At dinner, Izaiah's older brother - just wasn't in a good mood. Izaiah got it, and just kept hugging in. It was so sweet, he just kept saying "it okay!"

  • Independence 13 of 21

    It's so nice to be able to have time without having to watch him like a hawk thinking he is up to something. Izaiah has become very independent and can keep himself busy (praise JESUS!)

    This is just another day at our crazy house. Izaiah was pretending to be a super hero, thankfully he was wearing a pull-up.

  • Sibling Love 14 of 21
    sibling love

    When we moved into our new home a few months back, we had a room for each kid.  Our oldest son, E begged to share a room with Izaiah. We gave him as it allowed my husband a private office without having to do any immediate remodeling.

    He totally respects his big brother and thinks he hung the moon.

  • Attachment 15 of 21

    I recently dropped him off at childcare, for the first time it wasn't a major freak out - he actually was okay me leaving him! Score and less mommy guilt!

    The bad part? He feels he doesn't always need me, like when I am talking to a neighbor outside and suddenly he is half a block down the jogging trail.

  • Food on the Table 16 of 21

    For the last 2 and a half years, since we started feeding the boy solids, food has lived on our kitchen floor.  While Zeke, our youngest toddler is all about trashing the floor - Izaiah is all about keeping it clean. So much so, he now picks up Zeke's food and tells him "NO ZEKE!"

  • Everything is Amazing 17 of 21

    It makes my heart smile seeing how excited everyday things are to my 3-year-old.  I want to appreciate life like he does.  Whether it's a rock or the moon, it's all AMAZING to him.

  • Imagination 18 of 21

    For the last few months, Izaiah has been saying "BONG BANG! BONG BANG!" and my husband and I have been saying - "WTH is he SAYING?!"

    Low and behold, as we sat at the railroad tracks waiting at a light - we realized what BONG BANG was. It's the railroad crossing. When we pulled up, he yelped, pointed and did his little noise.

    The noise of the railroad - "BONG BANG! BONG BANG!" - gotta love a toddler's imagination.

  • Conversation 19 of 21

    With all of the new words this kid is learning everyday, we can actually hold conversations. As much as I ADORE baby babbles, a conversation with my 3-year-old is so meaningful.

  • Almost Potty Trained 20 of 21
    potty train

    While I was really NOT in a hurry to potty train him, now that he is ALMOST there (we had a potty training relapse) - I am so happy to be down to just 1 in diapers!

  • Happy 21 of 21

    3 is a happy age for Izaiah. I really think a lot of it has to do with communication and understanding. A happy kid is SO much better than a kid who is just frustrated and always getting in trouble.

    Isn't happiness one of the most important things (if not THE most important thing) that a parent wants for their child? I know that's the main thing in life that I want for my children.

That is Why 3-Year-Olds Are AWESOME!

While he is still making messes, with his little brother side kick – life overall is so much better. I know every kid is different, and every child’s terrible 2’s are unique. I’m just glad we both survived to see the light at 3!

Is 2 or 3 a Better Age for Your Toddler?

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