20 Reasons Why You Need To Join Pinterest Now. Yes, NOW.

oh, Pinterest! Where were you 6 years ago?

When I was a teenager, I kept a bulletin board up in my room with beauty inspiration and pictures of my favorite cheerleading stunts.  Movie stars and move quotes all tied together to create a pretty amazing mosaic.

In college, I kept scrapbooks as a way to detox in the evenings once I put studies and sorority president duties to rest.

I’ve always kept journals with favorite pictures, quotes, even inspiration for Christmas table settings and oh yes, every bride kept a binder stuffed full of ideas.

Everything was scattered in different notebooks, different “favorites” files on various computers and I always dreamed of one huge notebook that would hold it all together.  But holy cow, wouldn’t that be a HUGE notebook?  How could I organize it perfectly without overlapping?  Where would I store it?

Then came Pinterest, a virtual pinboard for ideas and inspiration and tutorials and my only complaint about Pinterest is that it didn’t launch until six years after I planned my wedding.

Pronounced “Pin-trest” (like “interest” with a P in front of it!), your mom and Babble and college BFF are probably on it!  Sharing ideas and DIY inspiration and yes, I fully plan on helping plan my brother’s upcoming wedding with the help of Pinterest.  Need to sign up for a Pinterest account?  Leave me a comment here with your email address and I will be happy to send you an invitation! Be warned – it’s highly addictive!

  • Party Like It’s 1999 1 of 20
    Party Like It's 1999
    There's no better place to plan a party - create a board specific for the party, put recipes and decor all in one place!
    Photo Credit: Pinterest
  • Mark Favorite Baby Items 2 of 20
    Mark Favorite Baby Items
    It's like creating a fake registry!
    Photo Credit: Pinterest
  • Find New Recipes 3 of 20
    Find New Recipes
    Healthy, comfort, dessert, adult beverages...Pinterest has it all for weeknight dinner or a fancy party!
    Photo Credit: Pinterest
  • Spread the handmade love. 4 of 20
    Spread the handmade love.
    Handmade is so cool these days with sites like Etsy & Big Cartel. Share your favorite finds - it's free advertising for these shops!
    Photo Credit: Pinterest
  • Cute ideas for the kiddos. 5 of 20
    Cute ideas for the kiddos.
    Chalkboards, games, party ideas!
    Photo Credit: Pinterest
  • Holiday inspiration, crafts, decor, etc. 6 of 20
    Holiday inspiration, crafts, decor, etc.
    Need a fun way to store candy at Halloween? Look no further than the crafty gals on Pinterest!
    Photo Credit: Pinterest
  • Big kid rooms galore! 7 of 20
    Big kid rooms galore!
    For me, it's the perfect way to catalog all the special things I hope to incorporate in Harrison's soon-to-be big kid room.
    Photo Credit: Pinterest
  • Plan your wedding. 8 of 20
    Plan your wedding.
    Toss out that big ol' binder full of ideas - they're all on Pinterest!
    Photo Credit: Pinterest
  • Get a little out of the box. 9 of 20
    Get a little out of the box.
    Swooning over a new tattoo? Wondering if you could tie-dye your hair? Pinning these dream expressions of self is like window shopping - without the tattoo needle!
    Photo Credit: Pinterest
  • Photography tips and inspiration at your finger tips. 10 of 20
    Photography tips and inspiration at your finger tips.
    Create a board of inspirational poses to show your family photographer....then make them your own!
    Photo Credit: Pinterest
  • Design the home. 11 of 20
    Design the home.
    I noticed through my pin boards that I adore blues and creams and gold in the home.
    Photo Credit: Pinterest
  • Go ahead and pin that rooftop pool in Dubai! 12 of 20
    Go ahead and pin that rooftop pool in Dubai!
    Sure, you don't have millions in the bank and you may never own your own private island, but why can't a girl dream?
    Photo Credit: Pinterest
  • Grow your wardrobe. 13 of 20
    Grow your wardrobe.
    Pin something to ask if other people like it, or what you should wear with it.
    Photo Credit: Pinterest
  • Pin first, then get off the couch. 14 of 20
    Pin first, then get off the couch.
    Thinspiration abounds!
    Photo Credit: Pinterest
  • You can always go home again. 15 of 20
    You can always go home again.
    Feeling homesick? Create a board dedicated to pictures of home, images that remind you of the smells and sights and tastes that make you think of momma.
    Photo Credit: Pinterest
  • Make food fun for the kiddos! 16 of 20
    Make food fun for the kiddos!
    Need to get a toddler to eat? (yeah, me too!)
    Photo Credit: Pinterest
  • Just ELL-OH-ELL. 17 of 20
    Just ELL-OH-ELL.
    On a bad day, I pull up my "General Yummy" board where I pin all the funny things. Instant mood inhancer!
    Photo Credit: Pinterest
  • Ladies and gentlemen, start your glue guns! 18 of 20
    Ladies and gentlemen, start your glue guns!
    Find all sorts of crafty inspiration and tutorials.
    Photo Credit: Pinterest
  • Be inspired. 19 of 20
    Be inspired.
    Favorite quotes, printables, sayings and people.
    Photo Credit: Pinterest
  • Blogging tips! 20 of 20
    Blogging tips!
    Think it's as easy as setting up a domain and tapping out words? Check out the tips and tricks to really getting your blog fired up!
    Photo Credit: Pinterest

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