20 Repurposed Projects For Toddlers: DIY & Ready-Made

In case you haven’t gleaned by now, I’m a DIY nut. Which doesn’t mean everything in my house is handmade, nor do I make all of my children’s clothes, grow and preserve all of my own food.

Far from.

Although I am constantly inspired by the re-birth of the wide-spread trend that is the DIY culture. When I have time? I get to the projects I really dig. There are some amazing ideas out there; which in turn, spawn some of my own.

From the amazing and awe-worthy (as in the the ones you’ll admire from afar), to the kind of projects you can easily do at home for your child’s playroom, bedroom, library or just because!

Check out 20 Repurposed Projects for Toddlers after the jump:

  • Pillow Mattress 1 of 20
    Pillow Mattress
    A most perfect solution for our beloved bottom-feeders. They love to roll around and watch movies on the floor, these will make things nice and cozy for them.
    Template available at No Rest For The Creative
  • Play Grocery Store 2 of 20
    Play Grocery Store
    You know this is the bomb-diggs, right? Oh, if only we had the space for it, but then again, that's the beauty of DIY! I could make a smaller version of this, perhaps more rectangular than square.
    Idea via Friends of the West End Park
  • Alphabet Board 3 of 20
    Alphabet Board
    So genius, so simple. Although, magnets could be your arch enemy, as they are around here. Why is it that they love to throw them around everywhere?! Constantly?!
    Get the free tutorial via Nic & Kate
  • PVC Fort 4 of 20
    PVC Fort
    My eldest toddler boy is just getting into forts and does he ever love them. A flashlight, his little glowing owl lamps, cars and books are the top treasures to bring inside of his forts. The beauty of this tutorial is that if you're operating with at least half a brain, you could configure on various different shapes and sizes of frames.
    Find the tutorial on Nic & Kate
  • $4 Spice Rack Book Shelves 5 of 20
    $4 Spice Rack Book Shelves
    I've been on the hunt for a while now for a few book shelving and storage ideas in our kids bedroom and playroom. These are great space savers, easy and super thrifty! I like!
    Get the free tutorial over on Wonderful Joy Ahead
  • Recycled Rugs 6 of 20
    Recycled Rugs
    A fabulous selction of ideas and tutorials on how to make an upcycled rug for your child's bedroom or playroom. I particularly covet the idea of making a jigsaw puzzle peice carpet, using old remnants. I have yet to find the DIY online for that though, perhaps it's something I'll have to make and document to share.
    Get all 5 awesome tutorials via 1-800-Recycling
  • Ball or Car Maze 7 of 20
    Ball or Car Maze
    Brilliant, super simple idea. Your child can use cars, marbles, balls of various sizes...oh, the options!
    Find the step-by-step instructions over on A Happy Wanderer
  • Light Bulb Hot Air Balloon 8 of 20
    Light Bulb Hot Air Balloon
    How darling are these? Perfect for a little girl's room, or a boy depending on the fabric you choose. If you're a stickler for that sort of gender role identification thang.
    Get the free tutorial via Rook No. 17
  • Garden Hanging Planters For Storage 9 of 20
    Garden Hanging Planters For Storage
    These? These right here? I'm on this project like nobody's business. Easy and cheap, this is the perfect solution for creating some much needed space in our kid's shared bedroom.
    Idea via Censational Girl
  • Airplane Jungle Gym 10 of 20
    Airplane Jungle Gym
    Okay. So maybe you're not going to jot this onto your "Honey, Do..." list for this weekend. But it's still pretty dang amazing to know a jungle gym like this exists. In New Zealand, sure, but someone's kids are enjoying it!
    Image via Playgroundology on Flickr
  • Ice Cube Play Structure & Food Trays 11 of 20
    Ice Cube Play Structure & Food Trays
    A great idea for sorting and sensory activities, meal or snack-time. My toddler loves it when I present his dinner or lunch this way. Easy execution in using something you already have!
    Idea via Motherhood on a Dime
  • Spice Rack Craft Supply Holder 12 of 20
    Spice Rack Craft Supply Holder
    Keeping a craft station for your little ones can get hectic pretty fast. I'm all about having things organized for easy usage.
    Idea via Happy Hooligans
  • Kitchen & Craft Aprons 13 of 20
    Kitchen & Craft Aprons
    Another draw-back to crafting is how messy your kids get. I say strip them down and don them in a cute apron like this! Also handy for baking and cooking together, an activity that ALL toddlers love.
    Get the free tutorial over on Motherhood on a Dime
  • Mini Martha Crafting Table 14 of 20
    Mini Martha Crafting Table
    The ultimate craft table for your little one(s). Cheap and easy, the only question remains is where do I put it?
    Free tutorial over on Martha Stewart
  • Wood Sliding Door Headboard 15 of 20
    Wood Sliding Door Headboard
    Love the rustic charm here. You absolutely need to click the link down there for a whole tour of this home full of repurposed ideas, furniture and more!
    Tutorial and tour via Nest Full of Ideas
  • Crib Turned ‘Work’-bench 16 of 20
    Crib Turned 'Work'-bench
    Pretty much conviced that I'm turning Abby's crib into this as soon as she moves into a toddler bed. Amazing.
    Idea found on Apartment Therapy
  • Pallet Turned Bookshelf 17 of 20
    Pallet Turned Bookshelf
    A nice flat space saver. And cheap!
    Idea via Storage & Glee
  • Bunting From Books 18 of 20
    Bunting From Books
    How cute is this idea? You can purchase them on Esty, or do it yourself if you are so inclined. Great for the nursery, a playroom or a party!
    Find them on Collecting Feathers on Etsy
  • Play Kitchen Cannisters 19 of 20
    Play Kitchen Cannisters
    This will make a great addition to any play kitchen. Speaking of which, I had no idea that there was a whole sub-culture of DIY play kitchen enthusiasts out there until I started curating ideas for this post. Stay tuned for a collection of some play kitchens that rival the real ones next week!
    Get the free tutorial over on Craftiness Is Not Optional
  • Repurposed Industrial Light 20 of 20
    Repurposed Industrial Light
    J'adore. A sweet little light for a bedroom or playroom.
    Available on The Rekindles Page on Etsy

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