20 Sweet Toddler Rooms

How sweet is this?

Pinterest is going to be the death of any kind of productivity I will ever have in my life.

In the last couple weeks I have been searching for new ideas in home organization since that is one of my biggest 2012 goals, and I came across all these a-m-a-z-i-n-g bedroom ideas!

Some for toddlers, some suitable for toddlers, and some that will go last all the way into your kids teen years!

As parents, some of these rooms are totally unrealistic, but seriously… we can all still dream for our kids right?

I mean — wouldn’t you want a room our of a magazine in your house too?  I know I would!

Which is your favorite?

  • Play House and Bed! 1 of 20
    How adorable is this for a little girl?
    I love this idea... it is a play house, and a bed all in one.
    I know as a little girl I would have absolutely loved this! Click here for the room details!
  • Part Reading Nook, Part Bed 2 of 20
    As an adult I would love something like this... I mean who wouldn't want a lit little cave like this?
    What kid wouldn't love this?
    Click here for the room details!
  • A Room to Grow Into 3 of 20
    This is a great room that not only can start in toddlerhood, but can span all the way to their teen years.
    The loft bed design, the desk, and the fun and funky colors are perfect for a span of ages! Click here for the room details!
  • Bed in a Tree Trunk 4 of 20
    I think this is perfect for a little girl.
    Might be hard to find round bedding for, but who wouldn't want something this whimsical? Click here for the room details!
  • Twin Beds with a Tree House Loft 5 of 20
    Perfect for little boys... sharing a room, and a play house above their beds!
    May not be getting to bed at a reasonable hour because they want to play all the time, but wouldn't you want to play all the time if you had a room like that? Click here for the room details!
  • Tea Party Bedroom Set Up 6 of 20
    How cute is this?
    I love it because I especially love the owl wall decals since that is what I did in our daughter's nursery.
    Click here for the room details!
  • Simple Toddler Set Up 7 of 20
    It is simple, yet has its unique and amazing design.
    Something memorable, and unique all at the same time. Click here for the room details!
  • Bunk Beds 8 of 20
    I love the steps that also double as drawers.
    As someone who is always desperately looking for new storage solutions... it is a great idea.
    Plus they don't make them look half bad either!
    Two thumbs up on the design! Click here for the room details!
  • Loft Bed Into Teen Years 9 of 20
    Another great bedroom idea for room sharing, as well as a design that an last into the teen years.
    No need for new furniture!
    Click here for the room details!
  • Sports for Boys 10 of 20
    A great idea for a sports themed little boys room.
    I have always wanted to do something with a traditional sports type look.
    This is a perfect example! Click here for the room details!
  • Chalk Board Chic 11 of 20
    Who doesn't love a good chalk board painted wall and genius storage solution?
    I wish I was brave enough to do an entire chalk board paint wall in my boys bedroom! Click here for the room details!
  • Lots of Storage! 12 of 20
    A great toddler room with amazing storage options.
    I have started to notice the bigger the kids get, the more storage they actually need!
    Especially if you have more than one kid! Click here for the room details!
  • Unisex Toddler Room 13 of 20
    Boy or girl, this room can be just for your toddler!
    I love all the different accents that could just go either way! Click here for the room details!
  • Ikea Inspired 14 of 20
    I love stuff from Ikea!
    If I could get all of our household items from there -- I would!
    I think this is adorable for a toddler!
    Click here for the room details!
  • Colorful and Simple 15 of 20
    Another one I absolutely love.
    Everything from the rug, to the bed, and the accents.
    If I had a larger space for our toddler... I would certainly be doing something like this! Click here for the room details!
  • Colorful Reading Nook with a Window 16 of 20
    This has to be my favorite bed/reading nook yet.
    I love that there is a window inside the nook.
    I wish I could build something this adorable in our house! Click here for the room details!
  • Adorable Under Bed Storage 17 of 20
    I love the color theme in this room, but the biggest thing that jumps out at me is the under bed storage.
    But with a little girl that is going to be heading into toddlerhood in a couple months... I love this setup! Click here for the room details!
  • Black and White 18 of 20
    Simple, classic, and classy!
    It is amazing the adorable little things that could be done with simple black and white colors.
    Click here for the room details!
  • I’m King of the Castle! 19 of 20
    Who wouldn't want a bed that looks like a castle, WITH a slide!
    That is two toddler thumbs up all in one! Click here for the room details!
  • Corner Desk Idea 20 of 20
    While your toddler isn't going to be sitting down and doing homework, if they are anything like my little guy they love to draw and color.
    This is a great corner desk idea with a bookshelf and all! Click here for the room details!

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