20 Ways to Make Play Dough

Looking for a fun activity to do with your toddler? Pull out your mixer and let’s make some homemade playdough! That’s right, no need to purchase this stuff from the store, with a few ingredients you and your little one will be in mounds of dough.

Of course in the age of Pinterest, playdough’s recipe is now more than flour and water. These aren’t the play-doh we grew up playing with! Get creative and let’s DIY with these playdough recipes.

  • 20 Ways to Make Play Dough 1 of 20
    Make your toddlers day- have fun playing with these fun play dough recipes!
  • Lemon Play Dough 2 of 20
    Lemon lovers this one is for you.
    View Tutorial at Train Up a Child
  • Crockpot Play Dough 3 of 20
    What can't be made in a Crockpot?
    View tutorial at Duke and Duchesses
  • Magic Marbling Play Dough 4 of 20
    Oh the pretty colors, your little ones will love the marbeling.
    View tutorial at:Mummy Musings and Mayhem
  • Galaxy Play Dough 5 of 20
    This play dough version is out of this world!
    View this tutorial: Fairy Dust Teaching
  • Dirt Play Dough 6 of 20
    What boy doesn't love dirt? Make a clean malleable version wtih this how to.
    View tutorial at Fairy Dust Teaching
  • Chocolate Play Dough 7 of 20
    This would be super cute in a birthday treat bag.
    View the tutoral at Nurture Store
  • Sand Play Dough 8 of 20
    My kids love sand, I can totally see them tasting this and oh the grit!
    View the tutorial at Play Based Learning
  • Glitter Play Dough 9 of 20
    Who doesn't love sparkle?
    View tutorial at Tradewind Tiaras
  • Pumpkin Spice Play Dough 10 of 20
    Oh this makes me wish fall was here.
    View tutorial at Small Friendly
  • Pickled Play Dough 11 of 20
    Some people like the smell of pickles, me - only when pregnant (so never again!)
    View tutorial at Kristin Sense of Wonder
  • Blackberry Play Dough 12 of 20
    A blackberry fan? Make this blackberry playdough with your toddler.
    View tutorial at Rainy Day Mum
  • Gingerbread Play Dough 13 of 20
    And this one has me thinking Christmas. This would make a super cute gift.
    View tutorial at Sweet Sugar Belle
  • One Minute and Salt-Free Play Dough 14 of 20
    No time? No problem! This playdough recipe takes only a minute and is salt-free.
    Creative Play House=
  • Lemongrass Play Dough 15 of 20
    Lemongrass - such a better smell that the old Play-doh!
    View tutorial at I Can Teach My Child
  • Lavender Play Dough 16 of 20
    Add a bit of nature. This playdough incorporates real lavender into the mix.
    View the tutorial at Famillicious
  • Snow Play Dough 17 of 20
    Sure, some of the country is STILL covered in this white stuff - but with this snow playdough you can build a snow man that won't melt year round.
    View tutorial at Nurturestore
  • Super Smooth Play Dough 18 of 20
    Remove the chunk and roughness from playdough with this super secret ingredient.
    View tutorial at Not Just Cute
  • Peanut Butter Honey Edible Play Dough 19 of 20
    Oh honey, how I love thee - add in some peanut butter and what? Edible playdough? Sounds like something the toddlers will love.
    View tutorial at
  • Nutella Play Dough 20 of 20
    Are your little ones Nutella fans? My kids would eat this daily (if I let them, sorry kids...).
    View tutorial at Dana Made It

Did You Grow Up Playing With Play-Doh?

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