21 Halloween Costumes for Toddler Girls

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year, and now even more so that I have two little girls who love to play dress up.

In the past couple of weeks Avery has learned the art of dressing up. Thanks to her big sister, they now raid the dress up drawer every afternoon to put on a show for me. Most of the time it’s princess costumes that they are dressing up in, but sometimes my oldest, Harlan, will find her old Halloween costumes and have Avery try them on. Avery relishes in the attention that she gets while in costume.

Although Avery doesn’t quite understand what Halloween is all about, I know for a fact she is going to enjoy the holiday for the simple fact that she gets to dress up in a costume. Rather than give Avery a hand-me-down from that Harlan wore on a previous Halloween, I think Avery deserves a costume that she loves. I have been searching online with Avery by my side to try to find her the perfect Halloween costume. We’ve finally narrowed it down to her pick, but I thought I would share some of my favorites!

  • Happy Halloween! 1 of 22

    Click through for 21 adorable Halloween costumes for your toddler girl. 

  • Little Red Riding Hood 2 of 22
    My jaw dropped when I saw this costume because it is just that cute. Everything about this costume is perfect. Little Red Riding Hood is such a classic character that every kid, young and old, knows it. 
  • Sofia the First 3 of 22

    This show is on a lot in our house and it's one of the few shows that Avery will actually sit down and watch. They have several Sofia the First memorabilia around and Avery knows each of the characters. This purple dress is gorgeous and looks just like Sofia's. 

    Get it from Disney Store, $44.95 

  • Black Cat 4 of 22

    I love the simplicity of this costume in the fact that it is only a dress. But it is put together so well. It's a comfortable dress for your little girl that loves cats! 

    Get it from Wild Things Dresses, $60.00 

  • Pirate 5 of 22

    Arghh! I love that this pirate costume is pink and frilly and made just for the little girls! 

    Get it from Toys R Us, $19.99 

  • Pink Cupcake 6 of 22

    Cupcakes are one of Avery's favorite snacks, especially the ones with pink icing and sprinkles. The shiny cupcake baking cup is perfect for my girly girl. 

    Get it from Toys R Us, $23.09 

  • Princess Leia 7 of 22

    If you are Star Wars fans then this costume is perfect for your little girl. It's guaranteed to get complimented on all night long because so many people will recognize that hair! 

    Get it from Target, $19.99 

  • Cinderella 8 of 22

    This is the Cinderella like you usually don't see her. Before she became a beautiful princess, she wore this at home while her evil stepmother bossed her around. I love that this is a different spin on the princess costume that little girls usually wear and allows them to stand out a little bit while still being recognizable. 

    Get it from Queen Elizabeth Aprons, $39.99 

  • Skeleton 9 of 22

    This costume is technically pajamas, but it's perfect for those that want to be comfortable all night long and go straight to bed right after. We have these at home and my favorite part about them is that the bones glow in the dark. 

    Get it from Gap, $18.00 

  • Frilly Elmo 10 of 22
    What toddler doesn't love Elmo? I love the big red tutu on this costume. Avery definitely does too! 
  • Doctor or Nurses Scrubs 11 of 22

    Do you have a future doctor or nurse on your hands? These scrubs are so adorable and I love that they can be personalized! 

    Get it from The Gifting Spot, $32.00 

  • Pebbles 12 of 22

    This is a fun and simple costume that will be comfortable for your little girl to wear. Although the Flintstones aren't as popular as they were when I was a kid, I still think they make great costume choices! 

    Get it from EVInspriations, $40.00 

  • Little Gnome Girl 13 of 22
    I love this costume so much I wish is came in my size. That hair with the hat is epic! 
  • Rag Doll Costume 14 of 22

    I absolutely love this rag doll costume. The dress with the bright colors and especially that hair! If only Avery would keep things on her head. 

    Get it from Chasing Fireflies, $59.50 

  • Crayola Crayon 15 of 22

    The Crayola Crayon costume will always hold a special place in my heart. When my sister and I were little we both wore these costumes. We were each our own color and walked around together the entire night trick or treating. Out of all of my costumes throughout the years, this costume is the only one I remember. I am hoping that one day my girls will carry on and make it a tradition. 

    Get it from Target, $19.99 

  • Pink Poodle 16 of 22

    Dogs are Avery's absolute favorite animal. We will walk down the street and she will point out every single dog that walks by. This dog costume is one she would fall in love with! I especially love the little pink bow on the tail. 

    Get it from Target, $29.99 

  • Unicorn 17 of 22

    Unicorns are such a mythical and fantasy creature that I think any girl loves them. I love the pink and purple colors of the costume along with the sparkly horn! 

    Get it from Old Navy, $22.94 

  • Dr. Seuss 18 of 22

    As big book lovers in our house, Dr. Seuss is always on the regular rotation of reading and Avery loves him. This costume really shows off a classic character that all kids (and adults) love! 

    Get it from Pottery Barn Kids, $69.00  

  • Candy Corn Princess 19 of 22

    Candy corn is a Halloween candy staple in our house. This costume brings a halloween tradition and makes it super cute and extra girly. 

    Get it from Kohls, $46.79 

  • Madeline 20 of 22

    This is one of our favorite books to read in our house. This dress is absolutely gorgeous and isn't just limited to being a costume! Add a straw hat with a red bow and you've got a great Madeline costume. 


  • Doc McStuffins 21 of 22

    Doc McStuffins is one of our favorite Disney shows and my girls are always playing doctor with their stuffed animals. Avery would definitely love to walk around on Halloween as Doc. 

    Get it from Disney Store, $39.95 

  • Minnie Mouse 22 of 22

    And this was the winning costume! Avery loves Minnie Mouse ever since we went to Disney World for the first time. She is going to be thrilled to wear this on Halloween that I'm afraid I won't be able to take it off of her. 

    Get it from Disney Store, $34.95 

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