24 Minutes in the Life of Vi

Vivi had what could be considered a very terrible, no good, very bad day. It started with a terrible night of sleep, waking up with a cold, some crying, a doctor’s visit (verdict: a terrible cold) and some more crying. As hard as I tried to convince her to take a nap much earlier in the day, she was having none of it so we looked at books for a bit after lunch. After looking at books I let her wander around outside in her underwear for a bit. It’s been so rainy here the past few days the sidewalks are littered with dried up worm carcasses, something Vivi happens to love. We poked them with sticks, she dug in my garden, we walked around in circles and waited for Addie to get off the bus. Once back home she took a bath, read a few more books and she passed out cold in my arms. She’s still fast asleep and I’m praying she feels much better once she wakes up.

The following events occurred between 1:47 pm and 2:11 pm.

  • 24 Minutes in the Life of Vi 1 of 16
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  • Reading a Book 2 of 16
    It started after lunch with perusing a few photo books I've put together with my Instagram photos.
  • Reading More Books 3 of 16
    We have several volumes (5 to be exact) and Vivi browsed all of them.
  • Diggin’ in the Dirt 4 of 16
    Since it was so warm out and we were tired of being inside, we ventured outside, which meant digging in my flower pots and garden. We even found a live worm.
  • Wide Open Spaces 5 of 16
    She'll (try to) pick my tulips, but dandelions she leaves alone, even after I tell her to "Pick them ALL!"
  • Squatting 6 of 16
    What you are about to witness are not multiple shots of the same squat, these are all individual squat photos.
  • Squatting Again 7 of 16
    It was the dried, smashed worms on the sidewalk that held her attention the most.
  • Squatting More 8 of 16
    She tried poking at them with a stick, they didn't budge.
  • Still Squatting 9 of 16
    When one would move (even if it was dead) she would run behind me and insist I go investigate.
  • Walking 10 of 16
    Once our driveway became boring we took to cruising the sidewalks in search of worm remains.
  • Walking Some More 11 of 16
    Lots of pictures of her back. Gone are the days of "Look at mom!" Gone, like all those worms.
  • Wating for the Bus 12 of 16
    I decided to let her wait at the corner for Addie to get off the bus, normally we wait on our front stoop but today was a special occasion. I was scared to death she'd go running off towards the bus when she saw it coming so I kept her close.
  • The Bus Arrives 13 of 16
    She was overcome with squeals and joy when she realized what was about to happen.
  • Running for Addie 14 of 16
    The ran towards each other with equal parts enthusiasm and love. Easily one of the cutest most endearing things they have together as sisters.
  • Bus Reunion Up Close 15 of 16
    A. ADDIE'S FACE. Kid cannot hide her emotions and I love her for it.
    B. Neither of them are actually touching the ground, just floating above it towards each other.
  • Walking Home 16 of 16
    Addie told Vivi all about her day, asked her about her lunch and if she wanted to play when they got home.
    They're so amazing.

I am blessed.

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