24 of The Coolest Montessori Summer Activities For Toddlers

Yesterday was the last day of school for many. Whether we’re stay at home moms, work at home moms or work out of the home moms; we have one thing in common. The planning of summer activities. Some of us like to make lists; the creation of family summer bucket lists seems to be a popular thing right now.

Even though my two are in pre-school, I’m always on the hunt for new Montessori activities, DIY projects and free printables to keep them entertained and learning in a fun way at home. Not that I think children need to be entertained 24/7. But let’s be real.

Kids, by their very nature, DO need to be engaged in developmental  activities and exploratory experiences. Involving something more than screen time and video games. Which, in moderation, I’m a full advocate of.

As someone who lives where summer comes but for 3 short months every year, I revel in planning games and activities outside as much as possible. This is where the messy stuff is embraced.

Because that’s what hoses and sprinklers are made for.

So take a look at some of the best montessori summer activities geared towards the toddler years!

  • Frugal Fun! 1 of 25

    Not only are these activity and game ideas perfect for the backyard, beach, or a rainy day (in or out!), but your kids will have fun while learning and developing the Montessori way.

  • Backyard Ocean Sensory Bins 2 of 25

    The dollar store and hardware store will find you everything you need for this summery sensory experience!
    Learn more via Discovery Moments

  • Pre-Reader Stickers 3 of 25

    A full set of sticker labels that you can use to make letter tubs!
    Learn more via The Helpful Gardener

  • Garden Math 4 of 25

    Looks simple enough... wait until you see all of the ways in which you can incorporate basic and preschool math content with this outdoor activity!
    Learn more via Fit Kids Clubhouse

  • DIY Pallet Sand Kitchen 5 of 25

    You know this is awesome! Practical life skills and sensory play all rolled up into one!
    Learn more via Mummy Musings & Mayhem

  • Rainbow Bubble Snakes! 6 of 25

    I have yet to meet a toddler who doesn't love them some bubbles. A cool sensory experience.
    Learn more via Housing a Forest

  • A Pick-Up Game 7 of 25

    Fine motor skill development through free play. Outside in the sun = winning.
    Learn more via Mummy Musings & Mayhem

  • Plant & Animal Flash Cards 8 of 25

    Free printable JACKPOT, holla. Laminate these suckas to make them last, outdoors and indoors. Put them on a cookie sheet so that your kids can play with them in the car seat on road trips.
    Get the free printable via The Helpful Garden

  • Foamy Sensory Fun 9 of 25

    This would be the messy outdoor kind of activity that I spoke of before. SO WORTH IT.
    Learn more via Mummy Musings & Mayhem

  • Summer Fun Montessori Trays 10 of 25

    Marble transfer with tongs; a very popular fine motor skill game in Montessori. 
    Learn more via Our Country Road

  • Homemade Weaving Looms 11 of 25

    Perfect for long drives to the cabin or camping, or wherever. Rainy days and quiet time too!
    Learn more via Buggy & Buddy

  • Bath or Pool Time Music Fun! 12 of 25

    A super-fun musical activity to do at the end of a long summer day, or a sweet way to greet the morning. Alternatively, I think this would be a great activity for the kiddie pool outside!
    Learn more via Bath Activities For Kids

  • Water & Music Play 13 of 25

    What is all that ruckus? Click below to find out! (Trust me, it's A W E S O M E.)
    Learn more via Child's Play Music

  • Texture Stamping 14 of 25

    Use play-dough or modelling clay for this fun activity after a nature walk or hike!
    Learn more via Ceramic Arts Daily

  • Life & Sciences Flash Cards 15 of 25

    This 'Where Things Come From' set of free flash cards is a wonderful introduction to Life Sciences, without even trying.
    Get the free download via The Helpful Garden

  • Rain Painting 16 of 25

    Some pretty cool techniques here. And so easy! Not all rainy days have to mean staying inside.
    Learn more via Housing a Forest

  • Building Language Through Small World Play 17 of 25

    Using miniature toy and found items to create seasonal or other themed play scenes, sensory bins or playmats to act out scenes from real life, favourite movies or books. This helps the kiddos engage in symbolic play and stimulates the development of their language.
    Learn more via Two Daloo

  • Patriotic Practical Life & Math Activity 18 of 25

    So stinkin' cute and... practical. (Had to be done.)
    Learn more via Living Montessori Now

  • Natural Paintbrushes 19 of 25

    Go on a nature walk and forage for evergreen leaves to make these texturally brilliant brushes!
    Learn more via Learn, Create, Love

  • Summer Learnining The Montessori Way 20 of 25

    If you want to know more about the basics of Montessori learning through play and like the idea of finding ways to incorporate it into your summer activity planning, this is a great starter guide!
    Learn more via Living Montessori Now

  • Backyard Jenga 21 of 25
  • 40+ Farm Sensory Tubs! 22 of 25

    We love creating farm sensory tubs around here and try to follow up with visiting our local farm after. 
    Learn more via Living Montessori Now

  • Land, Water & Air Flash Cards & Coordinating Control Chart 23 of 25

    Match name and pictures to coordinating pictures on the control chart. A great rainy day activity or for quiet time outside on a blanket.
    Get the free downloads via The Helpful Garden

  • Balloon Fishing Fun! 24 of 25

    Splashing their way into developing their fine motor and early math skills!
    Learn more via Mummy Musings & Mayhem

  • Learning At The Beach 25 of 25

    If you're a bunch of beach bums like us, this will be a great resource!
    Learn more via Rainy Day Mum


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