25 Adorable Hairstyles for Toddler Girls

toddler hairstylesWhen my little girl was born, she was as bald as an eagle. Year 1 rolled around and she looked like a boy that wore a bow and a dress. Then sometime between the age of  1 and 2 she started growing hair faster than a chia pet. Oh how I loved the first 5 years of her life where I could style her hair however I wished. We would try all kinds of fun styles, but unfortunately this was before the popularity of YouTube and blogs.

If you are needing some hair inspiration for your little girl, check out these darling styles.

Here are 25 Adorable Hairstyles for Toddler Girls:

  • Pigtails With a Side Part 1 of 25
    Pigtails With a Side Part
    Next time you are putting up pigtails, make a simple change in the hair part by putting it to the side.
    View at Lil Miss
  • Loopy Pigtails 2 of 25
    Loopy Pigtails
    How sweet is this hairstyle? Create loopy pigtails and adorn with a bow or flower.
    View more at Little Girl Hairdos
  • Roll to the Side Pony 3 of 25
    Roll to the Side Pony
    Starting with wet hair, roll your little girl's hair to one side and then create a pony.
    View at The Wright Hair
  • Baby Twists – Mini Buns 4 of 25
    Baby Twists - Mini Buns
    Your little girl will looks adorbs with these mini pin curls adorning the top of her head.
    View at Babes in Hairland
  • Elastic Braided Pigtails 5 of 25
    Elastic Braided Pigtails
    These little elastics are a must for little girls. Put 5-6 on each side for this darling look.
    View at We Love Being Moms
  • Quick & Easy for Curly Hair 6 of 25
    Quick & Easy for Curly Hair
    Does your little girl have CURLS? They are so cute, but can be a pain to maintain. Check out this sweet side sweep to show off the curls without too much fuss.
    View at Grasping for Objectivity
  • 2 Topsy’s, Half Up Pony 7 of 25
    2 Topsy's, Half Up Pony
    Not just your standard ponytail!
    View at We Love Being Moms
  • The Bun 8 of 25
    The Bun
    Such a trendy look for adults, why not try it on your little girl?
    View at Little Girls Hairstyles
  • Up High Pigtails 9 of 25
    Up High Pigtails
    Place her bangs into an elastic and then put the rest of her hair into pigtails.
    View at We Love Being Moms
  • Linky Pigs 10 of 25
    Linky Pigs
    Create links as pig tails for this darling look.
    View at Girly Do Hairstyle
  • Make Waves 11 of 25
    Make Waves
    Using a flat iron, learn how to make waves in your toddler's hair.
    View at Girly Do Hairstyle
  • Criss Cross 12 of 25
    Criss Cross
    Use ribbon to tie together the various pigtails and create this hairstyle.
    View at Rockin' Shorty Hairstyles
  • Sideswept Look 13 of 25
    Sideswept Look
    Best done right after the bath (or hair washing), this sideswept look is easy to do and a cute alternative to pigtails and ponytails.
    View at Oakrose Mama
  • Flipped Out with a Hair Band 14 of 25
    Flipped Out with a Hair Band
    This simple hairstyle is as cute as can be.Flip out the bottom portion of her hair and top the hair off with a headband.
    View at Real Simple
  • Triple Braid Side Pony 15 of 25
    Triple Braid Side Pony
    Make sure that your toddler's hair is detangled well for this style.
    View at Curly Hairdo Ideas
  • Braids Squared 16 of 25
    Braids Squared
    As complex as this hair looks, She Does Hair shows you exactly how to do this style step-by-step!
    View at She Does Hair
  • Bubble Braid 17 of 25
    Bubble Braid
    Looking for a quick cute hairstyle? Here is a simple ponytail spiced up.
    View at She Does Hair
  • Twist 18 of 25
    This is a great out of the way hairstyle for those little girls in gymnastic, dance or other sports.
    View at Princess Hairstyles
  • Basketweave 19 of 25
    Another tricky looking briad, made easy! View this tutorial and you'll be triple waterfall basket weaving in no time.
    View at Princess Hairstyles
  • French Braids with Flair 20 of 25
    French Braids with Flair
    Tired of the standard french braid? Give this french braid with flair a try!
    View at Princess Hairstyles
  • Four Strand Braiding 21 of 25
    Four Strand Braiding
    Create a quick and simple cute look with this four strand braid.
    View at Girly Do Hairstyles
  • Poof to Pony Tail 22 of 25
    Poof to Pony Tail
    I love this out of the face ponytail with PZAZZ! Totally am doing this to my hair!
    View at The Wright Hair
  • Four Messy Piggies 23 of 25
    Four Messy Piggies
    This is the perfect style for little one's with curly hair.
    View at She Does Hair
  • 4 Leaf Clover 24 of 25
    4 Leaf Clover
    Perfect for St. Patty's Day, a 4 leaf clover hairstyle.
    View at Hairstyles by Mommy
  • Braided Heart 25 of 25
    Braided Heart
    Hello Valentine's day! This darling heart will be the perfect addition to her Vday outfit.
    View at Cute Girls Hairstyles

Enjoy styling your little girl’s hair while you can! If your house is anything like our house, come kindergarten it will be a fight just to get out the front door and cute hair ends up going to the wayside.

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