25 Classic Movies That We Loved as Children!

A couple weeks ago I was in Target with Addison while the boys got haircuts with Daddy, and I walked by the $5 movie rack. I always take a minute to stop and see if there is anything we would like.

That is when I saw it … Follow That Bird! One of my favorite childhood movies. It was the 25th anniversary edition, which immediately made me feel old, but I knew it was one of those special movies I wanted to share with my own children. Since it brought me so much joy as a child and all.

That afternoon we watched it as a family, and immediately my oldest son and Addison were sold on the plethora of Sesame Street characters brought to live on the big screen. My heart melted a couple times that day, and it was a moment when I realized … wow … this is what parenting is all about.

I asked some friends which movies had this kind of impact on them and their children, and it seemed like our generation had the same favorites.

My list is in no particular order!

Why don’t you comment below with your all time favorites?

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