25 Fun and Frugal Indoor Activities for Toddlers

Classic Indoor Activity: Build a Fort!

Our family’s No TV Month Challenge is off to a great start! The kids have been good about not asking to watch TV at times when they normally do, and I’ve been doing much better with coming up with fun activities for them, so that they’re having so much fun playing, they really don’t even want to watch TV.

But, we’re only a week into the month. So, I’ve been browsing around Pinterest and the blogosphere to come up with even more fun ways to entertain my kids. And while there are lots of great activities out there, I also wanted to find ones that used what we already had around the house, or would be relatively cheap to put together. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a fortune to spend on daily activities for my kids!

I’ve come up with enough activities to last me for the rest of the month, plus I’ve included a few that we’ve already done and have been hits with my kiddos.

Here are 25 Frugally Fun Indoor Activities for Kids:

  • Bug Themed Sensory Bin 1 of 25
    Bug Themed Sensory Bin
    I have seen pictures and posts about sensory bins on lots of different blogs, but have never made one myself. This one reminds me of spring, which makes my happy, and I just found some great bins to use in the dollar section at target!
    See more about this Bug Themed Sensory Bin.
  • Doorway Puppet Theater 2 of 25
    Doorway Puppet Theater
    With a simple tension rod and a curtain, or even a sheet draped over it, you can make a fun puppet theater for you kiddos. Either you put on on a show for them, or have them put together a show for you to enjoy!
    Get instructions for making a Doorway Puppet Theater.
  • Homemade Rhythm Set 3 of 25
    Homemade Rhythm Set
    Use household items to create a super fun rhythm set for your child. Turn on some music and let them play you a concert!
    Inspiration for Homemade Rhythm Set.
  • Shaving Cream Snow Activity 4 of 25
    Shaving Cream Snow Activity
    Since we don't have any snow on the ground, but it's still kind of cold and gloomy most days, I think it would be fun to give my kids some "snow" to play with inside. I know they would love this!
    Inspiration for Shaving Cream Snow Activity.
  • Sponge Block Towers 5 of 25
    Sponge Block Towers
    Cut strips of sponges make interesting blocks to build into towers. It's even more fun to knock them over!
    Inspiration for Sponge Black Towers.
  • Sticky Table Activity 6 of 25
    Sticky Table Activity
    Give kids a fun way to make art with contact paper and craft sticks. You could also use buttons, sequins or pom poms for older toddlers who don't put everything in their mouth!
    Find out how to make a Sticky Table Activity
  • DIY Heart Window Clings 7 of 25
    DIY Heart Window Clings
    My kids love stickers, and window clings are a fun way to play with stickers over and over again.
    Here's a tutorial for making your own Heart Window Clings.
  • Indoor Obstacle Course 8 of 25
    Indoor Obstacle Course
    Have some fun and burn some energy off at the same time by setting up a homemade obstacle course. You can find lots of ideas online for how to set one up, but basically just use what you already have around your house. On your mark. Get Set. Go!
    Inspiration for Indoor Obstacle Course
  • Magazine Googly Eye Funny Faces 9 of 25
    Magazine Googly Eye Funny Faces
    For a quick and fun activity, grab some googly eyes and use them to make funny faces on pictures in magazines. Your toddler will be cracking up!
    Inspiration for Magazine Googly Eye Funny Faces.
  • Indoor Ice Skating 10 of 25
    Indoor Ice Skating
    Use magazine pages, or wax paper, to make "skates" on your feet and then skate around the living room. So fun!
    Inspiration for Indoor "Ice" Skating.
  • Host an Afternoon Sleepover 11 of 25
    Host an Afternoon Sleepover
    One afternoon my kids thought it would be fun to pull all their blankets and pillows out into the living room and have a sleepover. They had fun pretending it was Christmas Eve and they were waking up to presents on Christmas morning!
  • Egg Shell Sensory Activity 12 of 25
    Egg Shell Sensory Activity
    Saved washed and dried egg shells to make a fun sensory activity for your toddler. They will love to crack and smash the egg shells to their hearts content.
    Inspiration for Egg Shell Sensory Activity.
  • Laundry Basket Play 13 of 25
    Laundry Basket Play
    Who knew something as simple as a laundry basket could provide so much fun and adventure. Help your child set up a laundry basket boat, or whatever else their imagination comes up with.
    Inspiration for Laundry Basket Sailboat
  • Balloons and Fly Swatters 14 of 25
    Balloons and Fly Swatters
    My kiddos loved this activity last week. Blow up a balloon, hand them a fly swatter and let them go to town. They'll love batting their balloon all around the house!
  • Underwater Adventure 15 of 25
    Underwater Adventure
    Bring a little summer fun into the dreariness of winter with this fun underwater Sensory Activity.
    Inspiration for making a Underwater Adventure.
  • Homemade Sock Puppet 16 of 25
    Homemade Sock Puppet
    You'll need some puppets to go along with your Doorway Puppet Theater, so why not make your own out of old socks?
    Find directions for a Homemade Sock Puppet.
  • Printable Activities 17 of 25
    Printable Activities
    When I want a quick activity for my kids without a big mess to clean up afterward, I print off some activity pages for them. They love to color, trace, match and cut. You can find all kinds of great printable activities for toddlers and preschoolers online.
    Here are some of the best Printable Activity Packs I have found.
  • Carboard Box Play 18 of 25
    Carboard Box Play
    If you have a toddler you know they love to play with cardboard boxes. I think this is such a fun idea to create a play are inside an open cardboard box.
    Inspiration for Cardboard Box Play.
  • Letter Search 19 of 25
    Letter Search
    This is a fun and educational activity that helps little ones to learn their letters using a foam alphabet puzzle and a bin of rice.
    Directions for making aLetter Search.
  • Making Puzzles 20 of 25
    Making Puzzles
    This is a pretty basic one, but my kiddos have been really into puzzles lately. Some they like to sit and do on their own, and some require a little help and direction from me, but playing with puzzles never seems to get old!
  • Is It Magnetic? Activity 21 of 25
    Is It Magnetic? Activity
    This would be such a fun activity for older toddlers to learn about things that are magnetic and things that aren't. Use what you already have around your house to make it fun and frugal!
    Inspiration for Is It Magnetic? Activity.
  • Indoor Beach Party 22 of 25
    Indoor Beach Party
    My kids asked to do this the other day, and we weren't able to then, but I'm hoping to soon! Put on your bathing suits, get out some beach gear, a beach ball, and bubbles would be great too, and have a beach party in your own living room!
    Inspiration for Indoor Beach Party.
  • Books on CD 23 of 25
    Books on CD
    Even though we're not watching TV, it's still nice to have activity that kids can do by themselves without much help or supervision. Our library has a lot of great books on tape, and my kids love to sit and listen to them.
  • Clean Mush Activity 24 of 25
    Clean Mush Activity
    My son is a champ at unrolling the toilet paper in the bathroom, so I know this mushy play dough-ish activity would be a hit with him!
    Directions for making Clean Mush.
  • Write Letters to Their Favorite Dinsey Characters 25 of 25
    Write Letters to Their Favorite Dinsey Characters
    Writing letters, or coloring pictures, to send to grandparents, cousins, or long distance friends is a great activity. But my daughter is also so excited to write a letter to her favorite Disney princess and get a autographed picture in return!
    Get the details for Writing a Letter to Their Favorite Disney Character.

What’s your favorite indoor boredom buster activity?

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