Parenting Fails I’ve Made This Christmas

We’re in some hardcore recovery mode over here. If that’s possible while on the road with two toddlers. Today we’re at the Daddio’s parents’ place and are leaving this afternoon for mine.

Then we are going to stay with an old friend of mine for a few days. I haven’t seen her in over 4 years, which means she hasn’t met either of my little ones!

The reason being that she was living out on Prince Edward Island and recently moved back to Ontario. So while we are very excited to be seeing old friends and family – obviously we are exhausted with all of the travel and camping out in various homes other than our own, keeping on top of work without daycare, etc.

Is it all worth it? I’ll let you know in a couple of weeks…

What I DO know is that we left our house a complete wreck attempting to get on the road on time yesterday, feeling pretty haggard.

Don’t get me wrong, our Christmas was lovely, for the most part. But.

And oh, yes there’s a big BUT in there…I’m not going to sugar-coat things. We made a few grievous under-sights in our preparations, which only resulted in our pain and suffering. You’d think that with being a blogger with Babble I would have read at least one of those tip sheets or lists of things to remember to do or NOT to do with or for one’s toddlers during the holiday season.

Specifically, for Christmas day if you haven’t guessed by now. I’d say the biggest mistake we made was not putting toys together. Loading them up, assembly and what-not. Apparently we are nubes. We thought we had it all together by taking the 2 hours out on Christmas Eve that it took to put together their play-kitchen.

We didn’t think for a split second about the Leap Pad or the indoor trampoline.

You can guess how that all went down. A word to the not-so-wise. These things take time and patience, things you won’t be allotted on the big day, with panting, melting toddlers bouncing at your feet wanting to play with their loot. A Leap Pad takes about 45 min. – 1 hour to set up, customize and load with apps. Oh and also? Remember to have the PROPER BATTERIES for said loot. Install and set-up everything and anything that needs it  before wrapping. That’s my advice. Most of you are probably nodding your heads and thinking to yourself, well – DUH. This is not for you then, this is for those, like I – who apparently lack some brain cells when it comes to these things. Trampolines? Yea, they take forever too.

Our Christmas Day was all toddler-joy and all toddler-tantrums. (Which of course means we didn’t do so well either – even though we tried to keep it together on a few hours sleep). Let’s just say it was a pj’s, movies and tapas day.

Another thing we are sticking to over the next week? NO MORE COOKIES. BANNING ALL SUGAR. Regulatory NAPS AND BEDTIMES ARE MANDATORY. No more juice only water! Falling off of the toddler wagon can easily happen during the holidays and will only result in catastrophic, most unenjoyable life events, of this I PROMISE you. Tell the relatives to just STOP it with the sugar everything and begging you to skip the nap or keep them up later. Like really. Good Gourd.

And that my friends are some hard lessons learned (but not all) from me during this holiday season. More from me and our adventures in road-tripping later.


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