3-Year-Old Boy Sells Lemonade to Help Boston Marathon Victims

Landon Kovach
A 3-year-old role model

You know you’re doing something right as a parent when your kids grow up to be charitable.

You know you’re a superstar parent when your 3-year-old kid understands the meaning of charity, empathy and compassion.

Landon Kovach, 3, has been taught by his parents to help others in need. After the tragic events in Boston at the marathon there on April 15, they “gently explained” the tragedy and waited for him to “maybe ask some questions or just move on to the next iPad game,” according to a family friend.

Instead, however, Landon wanted to make a real difference for the Boston Marathon victims. So he set up a card table in the front yard of their home in Murfreesboro, Tenn., and offered free lemonade in exchange for a donation to

A single afternoon yielded more than $200 in donations.

“His daddy is a runner and maybe that stuck with him,” Landon’s mom Kristin said. “Whatever it was, Landon would not stop until we found a way to help.”

Landon’s parents hope for him?

“Help when you can and when you can, help often.”

It seems as if the message has been received. Loud and clear.


Landon Kovach
It’s hard to look at him and NOT be proud of him — and his parents

Photos provided by the Kovach family

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