4 Essentials for Surviving a Teething Toddler

Oh, teething. If you know one thing as a parent you know teething sucks. Sorry mamas — there is no easy way to put it. Pain, suffering, and oh the biting: It’s a never-ending cycle as those little teeth pop on through. At 20-months-old, my little man is still suffering from the awful symptoms of those pearly whites coming in. Lucky for him, I’ve found the perfect essentials for getting us both through teething, even as a toddler.

1. A pretty little teething necklace

A really fabulous teething necklace is perfect for your tot to hold onto to ease the pain of teething while you sit pretty. As they say “Mama rocks them … baby chomps them!”

Buy it from The Vintage Honey Shop, $20


2. Popsicles galore

Somedays you’ll notice your toddler might not even want to eat — popsicles work wonders so at least they are getting some fluid through the pain.

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3. Stock-up on teething toys

Finding the perfect teether can be a chore. We fell in love with the Mello & Co. award-winning Nawgum. It’s easy to hold and the arms are deliberately situated in opposite directions for the perfect grip to keep your little one content.

Buy it from Mello & Co. for $19.99


4. A Cold Wash Cloth

I learned this little gem of a trick back when I had my oldest daughter, 11 years ago. It works like a charm! Place a wet wash cloth or cloth in the freezer and let it get cold for a few hours.

Poncho Baby’s Cozy Go Cloth, $20


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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