4 To a Bed: Our Co-Sleeping Conundrum

Co-Sleeping Woes

To be fair, it never started out that way. As a conundrum that is. We’ve been fans of co-sleeping with both of our babies since they were born. The thing is, they’re far from being babies anymore. We need a bigger bed (nothing larger than King, is there?), or some sort of supreme co-sleeping bed hack to make this cuddly sleeping business continue to work.

Or, you know – kick them out of our bed.

Which, for me, is something I struggle with. It’s not like they don’t start off sleeping in their own beds. It’s just that they don’t stay in them all night. We put the kibosh on Wyndham crawling into bed with us with the birth of his sister, as she co-slept with us well into her 10th month. We then moved her into a crib, and Wyndham slowly began creeping into bed with us anytime after 5am.

I didn’t mind. In fact, I loved it. My little guy is such a darling snuggler, and for some reason he’d only kick his dad in the head when moving about in his sleep. Not me. So we just followed our instincts. If Wyndham came into bed with us and was particularly wiggly, we’d move him back to is bed. Sometimes he was fine with it, other times he’d get quite upset about it. And loud. At 5 am. Waking up his sister with whom he shares a room.

Nobody wants to deal with all of that in the middle of the night when they’ve just been woken out of a dead sleep and desperately want some more. Yes, this is all part of parenting and it’s up to us to establish boundaries with our kids and remain consistent. It’s just that I firmly believe that there are many benefits to a child’s development during the early years in co-sleeping past the baby stage. Especially if it is something that brings them comfort and confidence. As I have watched it do with my son.

He is a more gentle, affectionate, independent, and kind little boy;  due in part, I think, to his co-sleeping journey. You bet I’m raising a mama’s boy!

So guess who’s been watching all of this bed-surfing since we turned her crib into a toddler bed? Abby of course. Obviously she wasn’t going to be left out of the party, and has taken after her brother in the middle of the night bed hopping. Sometimes it’s just her and I don’t mind one bit. I want to give her the same things we gave/give her brother. But when it’s all four of us? Not the most restful of sleeps.

I love sleeping with my little ones, it’s just a simple matter of physics. We’re crushed up like sardines. Which only seems to affect us big people. The little ones love it. Getting them to sleep in the same room, however, is something we’ve mastered, through no shortage of tears, door-sitting, and time. So we’re good on that part. (More on that in another post. I have the tips…. ) Now, just to keep them in their room all night!

It would seem the time has come to lay down the law and bid our bittersweet co-sleeping journey adieu.

Do you have any tips aside from just cutting them off cold turkey?

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