4 Ways to Keep Toddlers Safe on the Stairs

stair safetyIzaiah, our now 2 year old was 14 months when it happened. I was way pregnant and a sweet friend arrived unexpected at the door to deliver cupcakes. I ran downstairs, answered the door and shortly after heard a blood curdling scream.

After turning around and seeing Izaiah half way down the stairs I went into a state of panic. Fortunately, the scream was from our 6 year old who had witnessed the events. Izaiah had tumbled down the stairs and landed on the landing. Fortunately, our stairs go – 10 steps – landing and then 10 more steps. He had rolled smack down the top 10 steps because I had forgotten to close the baby gate at the top of the stairs in my rush to answer the door. #MommyFail

Thankfully Izaiah was fine, just a few bruises. It’s amazing how cupcakes make everything better. Knowing that we would soon have 2 young kids, stair safety instantly became a priority after his tumble. Here is how we keep it safe with the stairs and toddlers.

4 Ways to Keep Toddlers Safe on the Stairs

  • Baby Gates 1 of 4
    Install baby gates at the top of the stairs and bottom of the stairs. Kids can get hurt going up just like they can going down! Plus the gate at the bottom will help create a blockade. We've "lost" our kids so many times when they've snuck upstairs!!
  • Teach Safety 2 of 4
    While TYPICALLY my husband and I are good about closing the stair gates, our older 2 kids -- not so much. We have been very strict in regards to this rule in our house and it's worked. **Knock on wood** No more injuries since the last fall over a year ago!
  • Sit and Scoot 3 of 4
    At around 2 years old we started teaching our kids how to use the stairs. Our preferred method is sit and scoot. Eventually they move to the slide down backwards, this we never taught them. They just seemed to naturally gravitate to this!
  • Keep Stairs Clear of Anything! 4 of 4
    While this may seem like an obvious tip - our playroom is open to the stairs. It never fails that someone will throw SOMETHING on to the steps! Hello DANGER! Keep those stairs free of any objects!

How Do You Keep Your Stairs Safe?

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