5 Easy Ways To Have More Energy As A Mom

It’s the new year and we’re halfway through January, which is really hard for me to believe!

So how many of you made resolutions? Were they to scrapbook more or a read a book per month? Or were they typical, like shedding a few pounds or hitting the gym three nights per week?

Personally, I didn’t make any set-in-stone resolutions for 2013. I tapped out a few goals and signed up for my first sprint triathlon, so getting in shape is obviously one of those goals that is necessary so I don’t die in May during the race. What I’ve found is that through the training, I’m also looking at food a little bit differently – what is going to fuel me the best when I’m running? What will weigh me down? Does it contain meat? How can I make it meatless?

In short, I’m doing a few simple, basic things in my life that are giving me LOADS of energy.

  • Put in some sweat 1 of 5
    Put in some sweat
    Ever heard that bit about an object in motion wanting to stay in motion? It works for your body, too. Once you get moving, you'll find it harder to sloth around.
  • Plan it out 2 of 5
    Plan it out
    For me, knowing what comes next in my day & week helps keep me calm. No surprises = no anxiety. No anxiety = no worn-down feeling.
  • Eat breakfast 3 of 5
    Eat breakfast
    It doesn't have to be gourmet french toast every day, but be sure you're grabbing something with that cup of coffee. I like to pour Kashi Go Lean! Crunch cereal on top of a half cup of nonfat Greek yogurt. Another favorite is an egg & slice of cheese on a bagel thin. This also keeps me from snacking throughout the morning!
  • Take stock of what you’re eating 4 of 5
    Take stock of what you're eating
    For me, cutting out most of my meat products boosted my energy levels through the roof. Also, watching my sugar intake...I just feel better all over.
  • Soak up that Vitamin D 5 of 5
    Soak up that Vitamin D
    Yep, this is a huge mood-booster & energy booster! Log some sunshine or get a sunlight therapy lamp.

Also not included? My beloved light therapy lamp & Vitamin D supplements. I take Vit D supplements and a regular all-around vitamin every day.

PS. I’m not a doctor or a health nut. This stuff just works in my life and I think it’s worth a try to stay healthy!


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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