5 Gadgets That Make This Moms Morning Easier

I’m just a digital girl living in a digital world.

Do ever feel like that? I sure do. Since becoming a mom 9 years ago, the world of digital and technology has taken over and transformed our lives. Our kids are digital natives, technology just comes naturally to them because that is all they know. Gadgets are infusing everything we do, from sun-up to sun-down. For an anti-morning person like myself, (I am trying to be a morning person) technologies make my mornings happen.

Here are the 5 gadgets that make my morning easier:

  • Apple iPhone 1 of 5
    Apple iPhone
    The iPhone sleeps next to me. Each night I set my alarm and use the iPhone as my alarm clock. Yes, I set this many alarms. Don't judge.
  • Keurig 2 of 5
    A single cup of coffee in a jiffy? Yes, please.
  • Clothes Steamer 3 of 5
    Clothes Steamer
    I bought a clothes steamer for my husband over 10 years ago. I kind of bought it as a joke. All of his shirts had to be dry cleaned (per his request). Clothes that weren't dry cleaned, he ironed. The steamer works fabulously. While not as neat as an iron, it just takes a minutes to de-wrinkle clothes. (As soon as this one dies, we will be buying a smaller unit).
  • Smart TV with Netflix 4 of 5
    Smart TV with Netflix
    After breakfast, we turn on our smart tv and crank on episode of Yo Gabba Gabba on Netflix so mom can check email.
  • iMac 5 of 5
    My beloved iMac is the ultimate gadget. In the mornings I use it to blare Pandora over Yo Gabba Gabba playing in the next room and to work.

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What Technologies Make Your Mornings Easier?

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