5 Glaring Ways Parenting Has Evolved Over the Past Century (PHOTOS)

Vintage toddler photo
You wouldn’t think parenting has changed that much. Until you look at this photo, that is.

There’s no question life is different for children today than when we were little. Our kids wear helmets, seat belts and aren’t subjected to alcohol or cigarettes in the womb.

But home life before our own childhoods was even more dramatically different than what our children experience, and not just because those before us had BPA in their bottles and slept in drop-side cribs adorned with bumpers.

Take a look at just a few ways parenting has dramatically evolved over the past century:

  • Punishments 1 of 5
    These days, when we tell our children we're going to feed them to the alligators if they don't clean their rooms/wash their hands/eat their dinner, we don't mean it literally.
  • Gas Masks 2 of 5
    Gas Masks
    If our little ones need gas masks in 2013, we will go to great lengths to ensure their gas masks actually fit.
  • Pipes 3 of 5
    Children and farm animals are fine

    Children smoking pipes are not.
  • Zoos 4 of 5
    These days, we prefer our children observe zoo animals from the viewing side of a protective enclosure, not from underneath the animals' crushing blow.
  • Toys 5 of 5
    Bestowing upon children heaps of toys is timeless.

    Heaping toys on top of children is so last century.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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