5 Great Things About Having 2 Toddlers Close in Age

close in ageI was up at 4 AM with a screaming 8-month-old, stuck in my mother-in-law’s house, when I found out I was pregnant with our now 1-year-old Zeke. I’ll admit, I cried and I was in total shock. I couldn’t even fathom having 2 kids this close together and well, what do you know? I was in for a ride.

Our eldest two are 25 months apart. It was hard, but totally manageable because our daughter potty trained early and wasn’t too terrible of a toddler. But 2 kids 16 months apart, and both boys?! I was sure that I was in for a nightmare. To my surprise, it’s been very hard. But we’ve found many perks along the way.

Here’s 5 Great Things About Having 2 Toddlers Close in Age:

  • Diapers 1 of 5
    As much as I hated the thought of ALL THOSE DIAPERS, I will say having 2 in the same size is quite nice. There is no searching and finding a different size. Buying in bulk is easy and cost effective. And oddly some days they have the same potty schedule.
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  • Friends 2 of 5
    While there is a lot of differences in a 17-month and 34-month old, they can play well together and we are able to have them both in the same playgroup! This is a God-send. I love our playgroup, but I don't think I could handle going to 2 different ones.
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  • Best Buds 3 of 5
    Best Buds
    These kids are best buds. Izaiah wakes up early, Zeke sleeps in late. Every morning Izaiah wants to know where Zekey is. Zeke screams for Izaiah the second he wakes up.
  • Toys 4 of 5
    Being the same age range made Christmas easy. All gifts were marked Zeke and Izaiah and whichever kid wasn't opening gifts got to open one. This also helps the "MINE" aspect.... "No, it's both of yours".
  • Activities 5 of 5
    It's easy to find activities that both kids will enjoy. (Like dumping out a bag of Fritos as shown in this picture.) The bigger problem is finding activities that a 1, 2, 7 and 9 year old all enjoy (the ages of our older kids).

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