5 Healthy Treats for Toddlers

Or, as it were around here – known as potty-training rewards. Yea, we do those.

I’m well aware of the naysayers who naysay giving one’s child a treat for going to the potty. And I get it. I shouldn’t be rewarding my kids for using the toilet with junk food.

Which, I’m not…so. If giving my little guy a healthy, bite sized snack is going to entice him to use the toilet regularly, I’m all for it. To be honest, it really has helped.

Potty-training is such a huge change for everyone, but most especially the little human transitioning from dipes into undies. We don’t give him a treat every-time, although we regularly do the sticker chart so yes, there is a solid reward system in place.

This was our third round of potty-training so we felt it necessary to pull out the big-guns. The great thing about these treats is that that they are a regular part of the snack rotation around here and he isn’t going to get all hopped up on sugar.

I’m not saying a couple of these little goodies aren’t completely devoid of sugar, but they contain real fruit, so it it cancels out the sugar. (Not a true statement).

  • Apple Slice & Almond Butter 1 of 5
    Apple Slice & Almond Butter
    This is one my own favorite go to snacks along with celery and almond butter. (Can't get the toddlers to get behind that one yet, but here's hoping). I can boast apples as being dessert and out little ones dance for glee. This is good.
  • Strawberry & Nutella 2 of 5
    Strawberry & Nutella
    Just a wee smidgen is all I use and I'm winning best mommy of the year all over the place.
  • Grape & Marshmallow 3 of 5
    Grape & Marshmallow
    I mean, right? What toddler wouldn't go bazinga over receiving this little gooder?
  • Dried Apricot 4 of 5
    Dried Apricot
    My guy LOVES these. They are kind of like candy and pretty high in sugar, albeit natural so...we do these in moderation.
  • Dried Yogurt Chips 5 of 5
    Dried Yogurt Chips
    We get the PC organics brand of these. Great prices and certified ingredients.

All the stuff I read about the dangers of giving rewards for potty-training aren’t really coming true over here. For some glorious reason, Wyndham doesn’t expect one every time, nor does he pitch a fit when he doesn’t get a treat, or not use the potty without getting one, so. All I can speak from is experience.

Sometimes? Sometimes I give him a smartie, or just a marshmallow. And always, always – a huge hug and high fives.


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