5 Helpful Tips for Finding a Good Daycare

finding a daycareWe just moved to a new area and soon will be finding a preschool for our toddlers.  Our 2 year old Izaiah has been home from day care for the last year and our 1 year old has been home.

Our first 2 kids were in child care from the age of 2 until grade school. We had a long grueling process trying to find a good fit last time, but at the end of the day found a great in-home child care provider who ended up watching our kids for several years. Unfortunately we are too far away for the toddlers to attend her school but thankfully having done this before we know the right questions to ask.

If you are in the process of looking for child care, check out these tips to help your search.

Here are 5 Helpful Tips for Finding a Good Day Care:

  • Ask for Referrals 1 of 5
    Ask for Referrals
    We don't know anyone in this area, but have found a local moms group online and have found a few referrals that way.
  • Ask the Daycare Good Questions 2 of 5
    Ask the Daycare Good Questions
    Make sure you get specifics on: class to student ratio, vacation (many schools require you pay when your on vacation), curriculum and hours.
  • State Licensing Information 3 of 5
    State Licensing Information
    Look up your state's licensing information for daycares. Texas has a great resource for all of their licensed day cares with information pertaining to each.
  • Show Up Unannounced 4 of 5
    Show Up Unannounced
    Show up unexpected when touring daycares. Sure, you can call ahead but when it comes to viewing surprise them. When looking for a day care for our oldest, we had heard great things about a day care facility. I talked to the manager on the phone and I was optimistic we had found a place for our little girl. Then we toured the place. There were kids sleeping in the halls on the cold floor (I was told "they ran out of space"), the facility was filthy and I was mortified!
  • Follow Your Instincts 5 of 5
    Follow Your Instincts
    If you have a bad feeling about a school or teacher, PASS and move along to the next option.

What Tips Do You Have for Helping Others Find a Good Day Care?

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