5 Mom Wars We Can Live Without


Every where I turn today someone is trying to start a new mom war. No joke!

Breast vs Bottle
Cloth vs Disposable
Crib vs Co-sleeping
Organic vs Non-Organic
Crayons vs Markers
Company vs Company

The list is seriously endless. No ┬áJoke! I can’t even wrap my head around some of the seriously simple and stupid things people will fight over on the internet.

When my toddlers were new babies, I got right smack dab in the middle of all these wars. My choices were always right, better, and everyone should have done exactly like me, because of course I thought I was super mom.HA! Almost four years later I couldn’t care less what the next mom does, as long as she isn’t putting a cigarette in her toddlers mouth and lighting it. For real.

I have gotten far more laid back, and realize different parenting styles and choices work for different families. Heck things I thought I was stern in went out the window when they clearly didn’t click for our family. It happens! It is one of the biggest parts of parenting, and the more children you have, the more you will learn this yourself.

But biggest of all, there is no need to put strangers down on the internet over what works for them.

So what do you think the biggest or most offensive Mom wars are?

  • Cloth Vs. Disposable 1 of 5
    Cloth Vs. Disposable
    Who really cares what other peoples kids poop into right? If you don't want to cloth diaper, don't! If you don't want to use disposable diapers, don't! Simple right?
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  • Breast Vs. Bottle 2 of 5
    Breast Vs. Bottle
    Bottles, Breast, breast milk in a bottle... who cares? I have been on both sides of the fence and as long as Moms are feeding their baby, more power to them! Although we do know breast is best. Some people just can't breastfeed.
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  • Co-Sleeping Vs. Sleeping Alone 3 of 5
    Co-Sleeping Vs. Sleeping Alone
    Does it matter if your toddler shacks up with you or sleeps in their own bed? I mean come on... really?
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  • Working Mom Vs. Stay at Home Mom 4 of 5
    Working Mom Vs. Stay at Home Mom
    In the economy we live in today, is anyone really going to put someone down or argue about supporting a family? Of course they want the best for their family!
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  • Organic Vs. Non-Organic 5 of 5
    Organic Vs. Non-Organic
    If someone wants to choose to not eat organic, or feed it to their kids... so be it! They aren't going to grow a second head, at least I don't think...
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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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