5 Must-Have Products for Toddler Moms on the Go

As a toddler mom, I am always on the go. Whether it’s work or play, our schedules just don’t stop.  With 2 little toddler in tow, there are a few products that just make life more convenient.

Here are my 5 great must-haves for toddlers moms who are constantly on the run…

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  • Hand Sanitizer Holder 2 of 6
    hand sanitizer

    I absolutely love the Bath and Body Works PocketBac holders. These hold their mini-hand sanitizers and as someone who always appreciates clean hands, these things are a God send!

    Purchase PocketBac holders at Bath and Body Works for $2.75 - $5

  • Sash Bag 3 of 6

    I recently ditched my Coach wristlet when I was given a Sash Bag. This bag is cute and I don't have to worry about where my wallet, keys and phone are. With 2 toddlers, I need as many hands as I can get. The Sash Bag is much lighter than a messenger bag and has adequate space for my necessities. 

    Read my Sash Bag Review and purchase the Sash Bag for $69 - $179

  • Umbrella Stroller 4 of 6

    As much as I LOVED our Britax B-ready stroller, it just was too heavy for us to lug around. I know many moms who tried to keep the hope alive! They wanted the expensive all-in-one stroller that they purchased when the baby was born to last them through toddlerhood, but I find that we all switch to an umbrella or light-weight stroller when we realize how much easier they are. The one featured above is a favorite amongst my friends. It's the Chicco C6 light weight stroller!

    Purchase this model at Amazon for $79.99

  • Diapees & Wipees 5 of 6

    Thankfully diaper bags aren't a huge necessity as babies turn into toddlers. One product that I have had for years and used with all 3 of my children is the Diapees and Wipees. The product lives up to it's name. It holds a few diapers and a small container of wipes. This is particularly helpful at church. Rather than handing child care a big bulky bag, we keep it simple with the Diapees and Wipees.

    Available at Amazon for $14.99

  • Cute Hair Accessories 6 of 6

    Okay, let's face it. Our time is limited and our hair doesn't always look its best. That is where cute hair accessories come in. I try to keep a headband in the car, you know for those moments where you get a glance of your hair situation in the mirrors and panic. Throw in a cute hair accessory and be done with it. 

    This cute headband is from Free Spirit Jenny and is available on Etsy for $8

What is Your Favorite Toddler Mom Product?


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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