5 Reasons I am Offended by Time Magazine


Time … Time … TIME!  Really?

More mom wars?

When I opened up my e-mail Thursday morning and saw a flood of press releases and information on Time’s newest cover I was immediately pissed — pissed off at the publisher, pissed off that mom wars are hitting the front page, and pissed that Time is going to make millions of dollars of off mom wars.

In a time where mothers need the support of each other so much, we are continuing to take every chance we can to throw each other under the bus. Pardon my French, but it is bullshit. This isn’t the only reason I have a bone to pick with Time. I’m mad not only as just a mother, but as a mother of a toddler who is still nursing — and I have zero plans on stopping anytime soon!

All over Babble writers have been buzzing! Some of the other articles have been awesome, check out this by Rebecca Odes and this great wrap up of many view points by Katherine Stone.

Now, let me get up on my soapbox and start my list of gripes!

  • This is what breastfeeding really looks like! 1 of 5
    This is what breastfeeding really looks like!
    Show of hands, how many of you take a small chair and have your toddler stand on it while you nurse them? Anyone? Bueller? EXACTLY! No one nurses on a damn chair in the middle of the room so you can stand up. It is unnatural, and not something mothers who are actually nursing toddlers do. That is strike one for the Time Magazine Cover
  • This is what a toddler looks like! 2 of 5
    This is what a toddler looks like!
    The kid on that cover looked like he was damn near 30 years old! Well, maybe 6 ... he was a huge kid! In reality he is only 3 years old and it is clearly sending shocking messages across the country. My little guy will be 3 in 6 days, and this is what he looks like!
  • Are you MOM enough? 3 of 5
    Are you MOM enough?
    "Are you mom enough?" What the hell kind of question is this? No, I am just a little bit of mom, I am not as hands on or I work so I am not as much mom as some others... what!? This made me most mad. Stop starting fights between moms!
  • Your choices aren’t superior 4 of 5
    Your choices aren't superior
    Do you think your choices are superior to the other choices some parents are making? Well you shouldn't sound off about it ... because it only makes you sound arrogant and starts more mom wars! Who cares if you make certain choices for your kids? Everyone is doing their best and doing what they believe is the best and healthiest option for their children! Stop throwing each other under the bus!
  • Shock media isn’t advocacy! 5 of 5
    Shock media isn't advocacy!
    Apparently the point of the article in Time is to showcase attachment parenting and Dr. Sears. Unfortunately in the tasteless manner Time decided to run this piece, people are looking at attachment parenting like weirdos who have three heads instead of parents who actually are parenting on a deeper level. Advocacy shouldn't need the shock value, and people who truly attachment parent wouldn't partake in these so-called "mom wars" anyway!
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