5 Reasons That All I Want For Christmas Is Santa to Be Real

santa was realDear Santa,

Why can’t you be REAL? We have 4 children who believe in you (though, I really think 2 know that if they don’t, they aren’t getting any gifts).

They smile every time they see your face. They have written you letters and will be making you cookies (and don’t worry, we won’t forget the milk). You bring so much to this holiday season with your “ho ho ho”, your reindeer and elves that secretly watch my children to make sure they are good.

All is great, with the exception of 1 little detail.

You are a fake. There is no such thing as Santa Claus.

To type that, it makes me sad. I was a believer for years and now that I am a parent – I want you to be real, here is why.

5 Reasons That All I Want For Christmas Is Santa to Be Real

  • Money! 1 of 5
    Dear Santa, you would save us a mortgage payment if you would just be real.
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  • The Needy 2 of 5
    I hate watching on Christmas Eve as Santa is on Google Earth giving all the wealthy good girls and boys gifts. Gifts that they don't need. What? Are the good girls and boys in Africa and another places that have actual needs not worthy of Santa?
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  • The Lie Which Leads to MORE Lies! 3 of 5
    First it's there is a Santa Clause, then the lies keep adding up. Oh there are reindeer and elves and and and.. LIES I TELL YOU!
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  • No Instructions Needed 4 of 5
    If Santa were real, there would be no need to spend hours putting together toys. Toys that our children will quickly become disinterested in.
    image source: Toys are Tools
  • Shopping and Gift Wrapping 5 of 5
    While I love shopping and wrapping gifts, at Christmas it's just TOO much. Santa, please have your elves take this over.

See Santa, if you were real – the world would be a better place.

My kids love you. Their eyes light up when they see you ANYWHERE. And because of that you don’t have to worry, I’m not spilling your secret, just yet. You are still apart of our Christmas, even though I am bitter you get all the glory for these expensive Christmas gifts that “YOU” and your elves make. GRRR…


Molly, Mom of 4 and Ex-Santa-Believer

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