5 Reasons to Join a Playgroup – From a Mom Who Use to Roll Her Eyes At Them!

join a play groupThis last year, I have spent working at home. Working at home means my co-workers are all virtual as well meaning the only real social time I get during the day is with my toddlers. If you are at home with your toddlers alone, any significant amount of time and try to socialize with them, you totally know where I am going with this. ADULT INTERACTION NEEDED.

Several years ago after having my first 2 kids, I did what I said I would never do. I joined a mom’s group. For some reason, the connotation of joining a mom’s group immediately placed the mom label on me, and in my mid-20’s I just didn’t want that. I joined anyways, and am so glad I did.

If you have been contemplating joining a mom’s group – maybe these reasons will help spur you in the direction of mom grouper!

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  • Mom Friends 1 of 5
    Mom Friends
    Mom friends are important (so are non-mom friends, but that's another subject). They GET what you are going thru. Topics that are taboo to some, maybe even your partner - are open game when it comes to talking to like minded moms.
  • Friends for Your Kids 2 of 5
    Friends for Your Kids
    My kids are still friends with some of our old play group friends, 7 years ago! Knowing your toddler's friends and their moms also helps in the "learning to be friends" process. It's much easier to teach sharing, and no hitting when you no the mom of the toddler your child is hitting!
  • Get Out of the House 3 of 5
    Get Out of the House
    I have become a home body. Seeing that I'm a working mom, and that I love being at home - truth is, I mentally need to get out of the house. Being apart of the mom's group gives me a scheduled activity onces a week to do with my toddlers. I make it a point to really focus on them that day and put work aside while we are together.
  • You Are Not Alone 4 of 5
    You Are Not Alone
    Watching other children your toddlers age will help put some reality around your situation. As sick as it may sound, when another toddler throws a temper tantrum - I praise Jesus that my kid isn't the only one who acts out.
  • Network Network Network 5 of 5
    Network Network Network
    In corporate America, networking was key. It was all about knowing people here and there. You know what? It's like that in life as well. Just because you are a mom, doesn't mean you shouldn't expand your circle. These people don't have to be your best friend or your constant companion - just people to know that you have similar interests as (having toddlers is a similar interest!). Example, 1 of my clients that I've been working with the last few years is the husband of a playgroup friend from way back. It's all who you know. You never know when you will need a referral for a hair dresser or baby sitter! When that time comes - your network or circle is the place to turn to.

Working Moms: There are more and more working outside of the home moms now that just can’t do daytime playdates. Check around for an evening or weekend playgroup. Can’t find one? Start one! There are working moms who need this!!

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Are You Apart of a Playgroup?

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