5 Signs Your Toddler Might Be Ready to Potty Train

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I never realized how tough having two kids in diapers really is. I feel like all I do all day is change diapers. Between my 10-week-old and Avery, we go through a ton of diapers each day.

Originally I wanted to try to get Avery out of diapers before the baby came, but I realized that she just wasn’t ready to begin the process. There was going to be so much change coming her way with the new baby, I didn’t want to add any stress on her to try to force her to use the potty.

Thankfully now that we are settled with the baby and she’s a little bit older, she is finally starting to show me that she might be ready to ditch the diapers. Here are some of the signs that Avery is letting us know she might be ready for to use the potty:

1. She Takes Off Her Diaper

It’s been really hard to keep a diaper on Avery lately. Even with clothes on, she manages to take everything off, including her diaper and wants to run around naked. If I attempt to put a diaper back on her, she will immediately take it off again. Rather than fighting her on it, I have let her run around without a diaper while we are at home in hopes that she might tell me when she needs to use the restroom. So far we haven’t had any accidents on the floor, but she hasn’t told me that she has to use the potty either. I’m hoping we will have a breakthrough on this soon.

2. She Hides in the Corner to Go Potty in Her Diaper

Rather than nonchalantly going to the bathroom in front of everyone, Avery now is too embarrassed to go in front of anyone. If she has to go to the bathroom in her diaper she will quietly go into a room that no one else is in and go to the bathroom. Once she is finished, she will tell us that she went. Her awareness of everyone around while she uses the restroom is a definite sign she might be ready to go on the potty.

3.  She Tells Us Immediately After Going Potty in Her Diaper

As soon as Avery is done going to the bathroom in her diaper, she will run in and tell us. She gets very uncomfortable when her diaper is dirty, and she wants us to know so that we can change it. The fact that she can’t stand to be in a dirty diaper is letting us know that big girl underwear might be in her near future.

4.  She Follows Me Into the Bathroom

I know this sounds like something that all kids do, but Avery is now very interested in watching how I go to the restroom. It’s like she is studying my every move so that she knows what to do when it’s her time to use the potty.

5. She Tries on Big Girl Underwear

Just recently, Avery has been going into her big sister’s dresser and pulls out panties to try to put them on. While I know that she isn’t fully ready to wear them, it is refreshing knowing that she is excited to wear underwear.

The more and more Avery shows me that she is ready to start trying to use the potty, the more anxious I get to begin. Some parents dread potty training because it can be a long and anxious time for everyone. Although that’s true, I cannot wait for Avery to be potty trained. That’s one less child of mine that is out of diapers which means less diapers I have to buy and change!

Article Posted 2 years Ago

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