5 Tantrum-Proof Tricks to Getting a Toddler Into a Carseat

Toddler in car seat
Oh, sure, he looks happy now.

You can’t really blame a toddler for not going quietly into a car seat. After all, they’re not babies anymore. Sheesh.

But car-seat safety is critical, of course. So even when they kick and scream, toddlers still need to be properly strapped into their car seats. It would just be nice, though, if they didn’t kick and scream on the way in.

Which is why we have these 5 foolproof ways to get your toddler to go quietly into the car seat (you’re welcome):

  • Another set of keys 1 of 4
    Not the ones you need to start the car, silly.
    Another set.
    Preferably a fake set or one that won't lock you out of the house forever and ever.
    Kids love keys. Keys can prevent tantrums. What are you waiting for?
  • Your iPod 2 of 4
    That little sucker doesn't just hold music, it hold movies and TV shows, too.
    Like Barney and Mickey Mouse.
    Did we mention Barney can live in that little thing?
  • Toys 3 of 4
    Not just any toys.
    Special-occasion toys work best. Ones that aren't breakable but are replaceable.
    Bonus: If they're toys that drive you crazy inside the house, they'll be even better in the back seat when you don't have to, say, worry about stepping on them and screaming out in agonizing pain.
  • The quiet game 4 of 4
    Big kids can't be fooled: The quiet game is no game at all.
    Little kids? They probably haven't had much experience with the quiet game. All they need to know is that it's a game, and games are fun.
    Ready . . . set . . . shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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