5 Things Parents Get Wrong About Their Toddlers

5 Things Parents Get Wrong About Toddlers

Most of us try to be good parents and bring up happy, healthy kids with good moral values, a kind heart, and the attributes they need to succeed. That’s what we aim and wish for anyways. Even the best of us don’t realize when we’re not giving our kids enough credit and us parents of toddlers? We’re especially guilty of this. Yea, that’s right. We underestimate those little ankle biters and I can prove it …

1. They never listen

Sometimes they do, but not in the way our adult selves expect or want them to, which would be impossible really. They’re only just beginning to develop (and assert) their independence, or they’re too busy figuring out how to make it to the potty without crapping their pants, while simultaneously putting one foot in front of the other without falling over.

2.  They’re poor communicators

They wail, they flip, they barrage, they demand. They’re far more aware than we give them credit for in that they are under our thumbs every moment of every day. Anyone who is constantly controlled is going to push back or opt to ignore the rules. And even when we try reasoning and discussing at their level we are liable to be met with a meltdown/complete disobedience. It’s because they are keen to the fact that there isn’t much of a compromise in store for them. And yet, amongst all of these volatile, vocal, and physical forms of communication our toddlers lay down upon us; they are our #1 fans and have no problem vocalizing that too, multiple times a day, in various ways. They’re advanced really, in the ways of innocent love and loyalty, and they are honest (sometimes embarrassingly so) to a fault.

3. We have to do everything for them

It’s not WHAT we do for them, but how we teach them to do things for themselves.Wise words from Anne Landers, more or less. So. Teach them how to load a dishwasher, sort laundry, tidy up, etc. Train them young I say, train them young. 

4. They all like the same annoying stuff

I’m not just talking about picky eaters here. I’m talking about tastes in television programming and music. We don’t have to squelch the desire to poke out our eyeballs anymore after being inundated with the likes of Cailou and The Wiggles. We can and we will make them listen to Frank Sinatra and watch The Muppets. Like a boss. (And they’ll like it, too.)

5. They’ll always be maniacs

Alright, it’s true. I lied. I’m still a maniac and I’m an adult. But really, when you’re in the worst if it, it’s bad and we find ourselves not able to imagine them a little bit older, a little more self-sufficient and less wrangy. And yet, when we’re even more often reeled in by their adorable ways, everything else melts away. We are smitten for life and wish for time to stand still and for them to stop growing up so fast. So really, it is US, the parents who can’t make up their minds and get it together.

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