5 Tips for Moving with a Toddler

The last 9 months have been an adventure for us to say the least.

In March of last year, we packed up half our home to get ready to sell. We had it staged which meant no more toy clutter and keeping a clean house while on the market. The house sat on the market all summer while we had 4 kids at home. We got the offer we were waiting on, but didn’t find a new home in time. We moved half of our remaining stuff into storage and then moved into half the space we are used to in an apartment. This past week, after the crazy adventures the last several months have brought us…. we closed on our new home.

While we are so stoked to be here, not all of the kids are fairing so well. The older kids seem to be doing fine, but these toddlers… well, there are several lessons we’ve learned that I wish I had known before moving. I hope these tips help you if you are in the process of moving.

Here are 5 Tips for Moving with a Toddler:

  • Make Sure They Know Where Mommy and Daddy Sleep 1 of 5
    Make Sure They Know Where Mommy and Daddy Sleep
    Make sure your kids know where your room is. Our half-awake little human freaked out the first night in his room when he woke up confused and then he couldn't find us. Our master previously was upstairs, now we are downstairs and poor little man just didn't know where we were.
  • Setup Rooms as Similar as Possible 2 of 5
    Setup Rooms as Similar as Possible
    Toddlers (at least mine), are creatures of habit. Try to keep their room, at least initially, as similar as possible to their last living/sleeping situation.
  • Keep the Toddlers Away on Moving Day 3 of 5
    Keep the Toddlers Away on Moving Day
    Our first move, we had help with Grandma watching the toddlers. The second move we didn't and it was a joke. My husband ended up stuck at work so I was here alone with 2 toddlers and 3 movers trying to orchestrate the unload. Not fun.
  • Setup the Toddlers Beds First 4 of 5
    Setup the Toddlers Beds First
    Moving is exhausting. Even if you aren't doing all the heavy lifting, you will want a good night's rest that first night in your new home. Setup the toddlers' beds first so that you can crash. We didn't do this, and as tired as we were, fighting toddlers who don't co-sleep made the night worse.
  • Keep it Positive 5 of 5
    Keep it Positive
    Toddlers can pick up stress and crazy. It's really hard not to have those when moving, but do try to keep things in a positive light.

What Moving Tips Do You Have That Helped When Moving With a Toddler?

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