5 Tips for Watching Fireworks with Toddlers

With the 4th of July right around the corner, you may be planning on taking your toddler to see fireworks. Who doesn’t love fireworks, right? A few years ago, we learned the hard way—not all toddlers enjoy the pretty explosions in the sky!

Save your toddler from any of the drama. Before you set out for the big show, check out these 5 helpful tips for watching fireworks with toddlers.

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    Before heading to watch fireworks with your toddler, check out these 5 tips so everyone can enjoy the show!

  • Bring Earplugs or Earphones 2 of 6

    Fireworks can be LOUD. Consider bringing ear plugs or earphones for your toddler to wear if the commotion is too much. 

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  • Bug Repellent 3 of 6

    You know who loves to come out for firework shows? BUGS! Make sure to pack insect repellent. 

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  • Explain What’s Going To Happen 4 of 6

    Prep your kids for the fireworks, explain what is going to happen so they don't freak out. 

  • Something to Sit In or On 5 of 6

    Don't forget to bring a stroller (yay for straps!), a blanket, or a chair for your toddler to sit on.   

  • iPad FTW! 6 of 6

    Last year, we ended up putting our noise sensitive toddler in the car next to us with an iPad. Yes, I let the iPad baby sit my kid while we watched fireworks. The rest of the family enjoyed the show, and our toddler enjoyed his app for 20 minutes.

My husband is a big fan of lighting his own fireworks. Me, not so much. One thing that I have let our kids do is use sparklers. I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone under the age of 3, but when you do feel your child is old enough, check out how to use sparklers safely.


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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