5 Totally Lovely Things I Used to Do in the Car Before I Had Kids That They Havent Let Me Do Since

Mom in car
Glory days

There was once a time I’d go driving around for hours just to collect my thoughts.

That time was before I had kids.

Now I have kids and I go in the car to collect their thoughts. And toys. And tears. And tantrums. It’s fun, driving. Oh, wait. No, no it’s not.

Here are 5 things I used to do while driving that I haven’t done once since becoming a mom (and I miss all of them so, so much):

  • Run errands 1 of 5
    Run errands
    Running errands is for people without small children.
    Sure, technically kids are allowed in (most) stores, but do you really want to bring them with you? Especially when it means lugging them in and out of the car at each stop in addition to anything you're buying or returning.
    It's about as tedious as watching paint dry
  • Revel in silence 2 of 5
    Revel in silence
    Driving can be peaceful. Driving can be serene. Driving can be inspiring.
    Unless you have small children in the car. And then it's the exact opposite of everything mentioned above.
  • Listen to the radio 3 of 5
    Listen to the radio
    There was a time — before kids — when I'd give full concerts in the car. I'd sing at the top of my lungs to just about anything that came on the radio.
    Oh, sure, I still give concerts. But Old MacDonald's Farm and other songs of its ilk aren't the songs I imagine I'll be winning any Grammy's for singing along to.
  • Driving with the windows open 4 of 5
    Driving with the windows open
    Sometimes it's just so freeing on a glorious autumn day to drive with the windows down to take in the smell of the crisp air and the fallen wet leaves.
    Then you have kids and realize that when the windows are down, toys and bottles get thrown out. And everyone loses.
  • Enjoy the scenery 5 of 5
    Enjoy the scenery
    The bright blue sky. Fluffy white clouds. Mountains. Rivers. Gardens. Cities.
    All visuals to be cautiously enjoyed while driving.
    Driving without kids, that is. When the kids are in the car, do you even notice there is an outside?
    (No. The answer is no.)

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