5 Unexpected Benefits of Having a Tank for a Toddler

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My younger son Scrunchy Face doesn’t have a great sense of how large he actually is. He doesn’t understand that when he jumps on my belly, he could potentially crack a few of my ribs. At age 2, he’s in roughly the 99th percentile for both height and weight — and people notice. If I got a dollar for every time someone said “He’s a big guy,” that big guy’s college fund would be overflowing with cash — not that we’d need it, since I’m fairly certain Scrunchy Face would be a shoe-in for a Sumo wrestling scholarship.

Kidding aside, I’ve found that there are actually quite a few benefits to having a tank for a toddler. Does your “little” one tip the scales too? See if these sound familiar.

He’s super strong.

I’ve seen Scrunchy Face hold a one-gallon plastic bottle of water in each hand and even carry them up a few stairs — just for fun! When we go on our next vacation, you better believe that kid is lugging his own suitcase through the airport. I wonder if he could lug mine too … hmm … (Just kidding, Social Services! Well, mostly … )

I’m super strong.

He’s still a young kid, so he demands to be picked up pretty frequently. Of course, I oblige … and end up packing on some serious muscle tone in the process. The other day, I finally resumed some semblance of a fitness routine and discovered that doing push-ups was surprisingly easy because of the upper body strength I’ve built by toting him around. Who needs to invest in dumbbells when toddlers are so much cuter?

Sibling clothes-sharing ease.

Since Scrunchy Face is only a little bit smaller than his “big” brother, I can easily grab his brother’s shirts, pants, etc. to get him dressed if the, ahem, laundry fairy was delinquent in her duties. I also don’t have to worry about finding space to store hand-me-downs since the minute my older son grows out of his clothes, they go right into Scrunchy Face’s dresser.

He makes his great-grandmother very happy.

Scrunchy Face can be a picky eater, but when he likes a particular dish, he really chows down with gusto. Watching my foodie-in-training clean his plate gives an immeasurable amount of joy to my grandmother (his great-grandmother) who hails from the “You kids are too skinny. Eat! EAT!” school of child-rearing.

He’s extra-cuddly.

Those chunky thighs. That round little belly. Those pincheable cheeks. How could anyone resist cozying up with such a sweet little cherub? I do my best to feed him nutritious, balanced meals so that his adorable chubbiness doesn’t turn into a worrisome weight issue. But until his pediatrician says I should be concerned — so far, we’ve been all clear, knock on wood — I’m excited to get my cuddles on with my pleasantly plump munchkin!

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