5 Ways My Toddler is Like a Caveman

toddler cavemanAs I closely watched the actions and behavior of our 2 year old Izaiah this afternoon, I couldn’t help but recognize some of the similarities that he has that resembles that of a caveman.

A CAVEMAN? Yes, a caveman. I personally do not know any cavemen, but recall learning about such creatures back during my school days. You know, those prehistoric humans? The most famous caveman of all… Fred Flintstone – eek, or maybe the Geico caveman??

Okay, so now that you know what I’m talking about, let’s observe and see how they are similar — in a stereotypical way of course.

5 Ways My Toddler is Like a Caveman

  • Doesn’t Sleep in a Bed 1 of 5
    Doesn't Sleep in a Bed
    Nope, Izaiah doesn't sleep in a bed either. He prefers the floor. I so wish I was kidding.
  • Speaks Caveman 2 of 5
    Speaks Caveman
    Well Fred and Barney knew had to talk, but Izaiah - he speaks like you would think a caveman would.
    ZaZa Eat. Go ByeBye. Need Food. Outside Now.
  • Carnivore 3 of 5
    Today's lunch consisted of tacos. Izaiah ate just the meat. No wonder this boy who eats SO much isn't bigger! Same story with ham sandwiches. Just give this boy a steak and he'd be happy.
  • Wears Minimal Clothing 4 of 5
    Wears Minimal Clothing
    While Fred and Barney wore some type of shirt/dress thing - I am thinking real cavemen wore minimal clothing. At least that's what I am thinking. Izaiah prefers nudity as well.
  • Carries Around a Big Stick 5 of 5
    Carries Around a Big Stick
    Izaiah's favorite possession is his kid broom. I really should just throw this thing away as like a caveman, he's great at bashing people on the head with it.

What Does Your Toddler Resemble?

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