5 Ways My Toddler Tries To Manipulate Me

It amazes me that someone who has only been taking breath on this earth for two years can be such a master manipulator.

Evan is a smart little guy, and he knows exactly what to say in certain situations to sway me. I won’t even pretend that I don’t fall victim to some of his attempts to get his way. It’s hard to stay strong when the person manipulating you is the most adorable little guy on the planet.

Click below to find out the top 5 ways my toddler is able to manipulate me!

1. I have a bellyache — When Evan doesn’t want to go to bed at night, there are times when he will tell me that he has a bellyache. I know that this is a fib to delay bedtime, however, I have visions of nights gone by, filled with projectile vomiting and temperature checking, and I just can’t help but give him five more minutes to ensure that he isn’t really sick.

2. I’m really sorry — After Evan has done something naughty, or has been placed in the time-out chair, he will apologize profusely. Apologies are wonderful, but he overuses his dramatic, “I’m really sorry!” I asked him why he was sorry today, and he said, “because I want out of my time out chair!” Again, smart little guy, but he knows he can use that apology to sway me.

3. That hurts my feelings — Having your 2-year-old tell you that something hurts his feelings is heartbreaking. I melt, almost immediately, and my son knows this.

4. You’re the best Mommy in the whole wide world! — What Mom doesn’t like to hear this? I know I do! My little manipulator knows that this is music to my ears, too, and will say this to me following the request for a cookie.

5. I’m scared! — Now, I know that there are times when he is legitimately afraid of something, however, my toddler uses the, “I’m scared” routine any time he doesn’t want to do something. Trust me, he isn’t scared of putting his socks on!

How does your child try to manipulate you?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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