5 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day With Your Toddler

Happy Earth Day! Take a little time to stop and celebrate our planet with your toddler today – here are a few fun and simple ways to do it! Also, check out a little list of ways we’re teaching our daughter to be eco-friendly over at Disney Baby today!

  • 5 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day With Your Toddler 1 of 6
    Fun ways to celebrate the earth with your little one!
  • Go for a nature walk 2 of 6
    Take a walk around your neighborhood and pick up some bits of nature as you go! A leaf, a rock, even a handful of dirt. Just let your toddler pick up whatever bits of nature their little heart desires and put them in a jar for safe keeping and later examination. They'll love it!
  • Play at the park 3 of 6
    What better way to celebrate the earth than to get out and enjoy nature! Get off the couch and go play outside together.
  • Dig in the dirt 4 of 6
    Let your little one commune with nature (oh man...that sounded so totally hippie of me) by digging in the dirt. Most toddlers love a good excuse to get dirty.
  • Plant something 5 of 6
    Honor the earth by taking some time today to plant something sustainable in your yard if you have one. Even if you don't, you could always start a little indoor potted herb garden!
  • Eat something local 6 of 6
    Have a fun little cooking project with your toddler today using as many local ingredients as you can. Not only is it a great way to support local businesses, but it helps to eliminate some of the carbon footprint on our planet. Happy earth day!


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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