5 Ways to Child Proof Your Kitchen

childproofWe have recently moved into temporary housing, as we are in transition between homes. Our last house, we called home for 10 years. We had our 4 kids there, so by the time our fourth child rolled around – the house was already childproofed.

This one has nada in the way of childproofing. We were fine the first week, no major incidents regarding the toddlers and then our little one Zeke discovered the kitchen. Disastrous, I Tell You!  

The pantry has been raided and apparently he thinks muffin mix tastes good. (He somehow managed to open 2 boxes.) The cleaning supplies that once lived under the kitchen sink have been relocated to a closet shelf. The broom now lives in the garage. Since we’re not living here for long, I hate to childproof the whole kitchen. So, for now, our temporary solution is a baby gate. He has yet to learn to scale it, so it will work for the time being. Once we get into the new place, I know the kitchen and stairs will be the first to be child proofed!

So what should you child proof in the kitchen? Here’s a list of 5 places that I’d start. Curious little ones can make you want to childproof just about everything, but let’s go basic.

Here’s 5 Ways to Child Proof Your Kitchen:

  • KidCo Adhesive Mount Cabinet Lock 1 of 5
    KidCo Adhesive Mount Cabinet Lock
    These cabinet locks will work on both drawers and cabinets.
    Available at Amazon, $3.51
  • Safety 1st Clear View Stove Knob Covers 5-Pack 2 of 5
    Safety 1st Clear View Stove Knob Covers 5-Pack
    Have a toddler who likes to twist stove knobs (me me me), check out these stove knob covers by Safety 1st.
    Available at Amazon, $8.93
  • Kidco Outlet Plug Cover 3 of 5
    Kidco Outlet Plug Cover
    This Kidco outlet plug will help keep fingers away from plugs!
    Available at Amazon, $3.54
  • Parent Units Double Door Fridge Guard 4 of 5
    Parent Units Double Door Fridge Guard
    Do you have a fridge raider? Check out this fridge guard to help protect your food!
    Available at Amazon, $5.34
  • Door Monkey, Childproof Door Lock & Pinch Guard 5 of 5
    Door Monkey, Childproof Door Lock & Pinch Guard
    This door lock looks so much better than the door knob guards and would be great for a pantry!
    Available at Amazon, $12.95

What Are Your Kitchen Child Proof Must Do Suggestions?

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