55 Degree Water Is No Big Whoop For These Toddlers

toddler at the beach
Fuzz jumps in with two feet.

As a citizen of Los Angeles, California, you might think I go to the beach often. You might think I’m a surfer, even. At the very least you think I own a pair of roller blades or a beach cruiser bike.

None of the above.

(My husband owns a beach cruiser but it sits in our garage. He prefers his street bike.)

In fact, I think the last time I went to the beach was when Shnook was a baby.

I live five miles away, people. My friends who live in the Northeast go to the beach more often than we do.

Okay, I don’t count walking/running near the beach or going to the park nearby.

So, today, being that it’s spring break for Shnook and all, I decided to meet a friend there. This was the whole enchilada. The full commitment:

Sand toys
Blankets and towels
Sun Umbrella
Sunscreen and hats
Snacks and water
Bathing suits and extra clothes.

Thankfully, I had my awesome Nanny W to help out, because with two rambunctious toddler types, I think it might’ve been otherwise extremely unpleasant.

I expected the kids to play in the sand a little, eat all the snacks we packed, plus some of our friends’ snacks, maybe touch the freezing cold water, and then want to go home. I did not count on Fuzz walking all the way into the 55 degree water with no signs of stopping.

Shnook is usually the more cautious one, and he was almost as enthusiastic as his brother. Both of them wanted to get in those waves! It was a bit scary at first, and again, having another body there was crucial. The water was so cold my legs were cramping. It reminded me of Maine in early July.

I’ll add that although it was a gorgeous clear day, it was a little chilly and windy. It didn’t stop these little fish! It also didn’t stop me from googling hypothermia prevention. Luckily they weren’t in the water for more than 15 minutes, and never fully submerged.

Have your toddlers gone in the ocean yet?

  • Santa Monica Beach 1 of 10
    Santa Monica Beach
    We weren't the only ones who thought to go to the beach today. There were lots of other kids, surfers, and sun-worshippers.
  • The Pacific Ocean 2 of 10
    The Pacific Ocean
    It's a great big ocean out there, and Fuzz seems ready to conquer it...all 32 inches of him.
  • Shnook tests the water 3 of 10
    Shnook tests the water
    I know it's sad that Shnook doesn't remember going to the beach, even though he went when he was a baby. He kept calling the ocean a pool. Oops.
  • Fuzz gets wet 4 of 10
    Fuzz gets wet
    All bets are off. Too bad Fuzz's bathing suit isn't on.
  • Blocked 5 of 10
    Someone had to make sure he didn't drown while I took pictures for this post. Thanks W!
  • The boys and I take a second dip. 6 of 10
    The boys and I take a second dip.
    We got Fuzz's clothes off and went down for a second time.
  • Mommy’s arms are warmer 7 of 10
    Mommy's arms are warmer
    Fuzz decided he'd rather stay put in my arms this time.
  • Shnook is curious about the waves 8 of 10
    Shnook is curious about the waves
    He asked me why they were "white." I didn't have a very scientific answer. Bubbles? Foam?
  • Post ocean, Fuzz winds down 9 of 10
    Post ocean, Fuzz winds down
    Someone is going to take a helluva nap (Fingers crossed).
  • One last shot of Mom and Fuzz 10 of 10
    One last shot of Mom and Fuzz
    See you soon, beach. Seems like they like you.

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