6 Disney Infinity Discs That Will Land You on the Nice List This Year

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Disney Infinity has added an entirely new level to game play. Not only does it give you the chance to choose your favorite Disney character to play, but you can also create your own world and let your imagination enjoy endless possibilities.

Disney Infinity also has power discs that add an extra level to your characters game play. The power discs help give your character boosts in the game, help you customize your game world, and even give your character fun gadgets to enhance their game play. The power disc packs are sold in a blind pack of two, so you never know what you are going to get when you purchase them!

There are several power discs in the collection, so it’s fun to try to collect them all so that you can let your imagination run wild with your character during game play.

Within the power discs, there are ability discs that give your character special powers during the game. Some of these ability discs can help your character do good things, and some can help your character destroy things in the game.

If you are looking for your in-game character to be on the “nice” list this year, here are the ability discs available for Disney Infinity that will help them achieve that goal.

  • Fix It Felix’s Repair Power 1 of 6

    If your character's health begins to deteriorate throughout the game, no need to worry about gaining more strength when you have this power disc! Fix-It Felix from Wreck-It Ralph gives your character the ability to fully restore their health and bring them back to life with Fix-It Felix's Repair Power. 

  • Star Command Shield 2 of 6

    Buzz Lightyear to the rescue! Take advantage of Buzz's desire to help you out and protect you with this Star Command power disc. By using the disc in the game, your character will have the chance to receive less damage when hurt. Buzz will use his shield to protect you while in battle and make sure that your character is in good health to win! 

  • Electro-Charge 3 of 6

    Victor and Sparky from Frankenweenie are here to make sure that your character is as healthy as possible during their mission in the game. By using the Electro-Charge power disc, your character has the chance to gain more health. These are two friends you want on your side during game play. 

  • C.H.R.O.M.E.’S Armor Shield 4 of 6

    Finn McMissle, the British Spy Car introduced in Cars 2,  is here to save the day! Finn will help your character gain a damage shield throughout your time in the game and your character can take up to 10 percent less damage when hit with Finn around. He's a car that's always looking out for your character in the game! 

  • User Control 5 of 6

    Tron is here to help you out and guide you so that you can gain the experience you need to win the game. With this power disc, your character can gain experience at a faster rate. You will be rewarded and upgraded faster with Tron on your side and this power disc in play!  

  • Pieces of Eight 6 of 6

    Every character needs a little extra loot to get them farther in the game, but you don't want to do anything naughty to get you there. With the help of Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, the Pieces of Eight disc will give your character 10 percent more loot in the game for being the nice character that you are.  

    Isn't it great to be rewarded for being the nice guy?

To see the full line of Disney Infinity power discs to see how much you can enhance your game play, visit the Disney Infinity website.

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