7 Annoying Things People Say About Potty Training

potty training boys Evan, my 28-month-old son, is not potty trained yet. In fact, we’ve made almost no strides in toilet training him so far.

I do have to admit, I’ve sort of hit a wall with toddler poop. I have a fresh newborn to take care of now, and there are times when changing my 2-year-old’s diaper that I feel like I’m changing the diaper of an adult.

According to our pediatrician, it would be perfectly normal if he did not get the hang of using the potty until age 3, however, it seems like the pressure to train earlier comes from every direction, and sometimes I just wish other people weren’t so concerned.

Click below and read the 7 most annoying things people say to me about potty training!

1. Oh, he’s not potty trained yet? — No, he isn’t potty trained yet, but thank you for asking me in a way that insinuates I must be the worst mother in the world because of it.

2. He’s smart, he’ll catch on quickly. — Yes, he really is smart. Unfortunately, intelligence alone doesn’t always equate with early or easy potty training. There are other factors involved, and while my kid is certainly sharp, I just don’t think he’s ready on an emotional level to tackle the potty.

3. My kid was fully potty trained at 10 months! — Oh, really? Well, allow me to pause for a moment to offer you a slow clap.

4. My kid was potty trained within 3 days of starting! — Again, bravo. I am never sure whether these stories (which seem more like tall tales) are a result of a spectacular child, amazing parenting, or if they are really just a gross exaggeration.

5. He’s too big to be pooping in diapers! — I hear this every time my grandmother comes over for a visit. I agree, he might as well be a 14-year-old still pooping his pants, but I don’t need you to point that out to me at every turn.

6. Girls train faster than boys. — This is usually the follow-up to #1. I guess it is supposed to give moms of boys some solace in knowing that it is perfectly natural for a boy to take an inordinate amount of time to potty train. Phew — good to know!

7. Is he in Pull-ups yet? — Why are people so obsessed with getting the kid into Pull-ups? Yes, we’ve tried them, and guess what? His poop doesn’t discriminate.

Were you annoyed by anything that people said when you were potty training your toddler?

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