7 Colorful Toddler Growth Charts

toddler growth chart Have you ever looked at your toddler, and felt absolutely convinced that he or she grew two inches overnight?

It may be a cliché, but it is true, they really do grow like weeds.

As much as we may want to stop time, we can’t, and in the blink of an eye, our tiny tots are on the precipice of kidhood.

Check out these bright, fun, and colorful growth charts to help you keep a record — and to keep tabs — on your toddler’s growth!

  • Oh Deer Growth Chart 1 of 7
    Oh Deer Growth Chart
    This deer inspired growth chart is the perfect compliment to a modern toddler bedroom.

    Find it at giraffenstuff
  • Color Me Primary Growth Chart 2 of 7
    Color Me Primary Growth Chart
    Fun, colorful, and gender neutral, this bright growth chart is printed on canvas, and can be personalized with your child's name.

    Find it at PetiteLemon
  • Brontosaurus Growth Chart 3 of 7
    Brontosaurus Growth Chart
    Does your toddler love dinosaurs as much as mine does? Pick up a Brontosaurus Growth Chart as a lively addition to the decor of your child's room or any play area.

    Find it at GoatGrinStudio
  • Owl Growth Chart 4 of 7
    Owl Growth Chart
    Whoooo doesn't love owls? This sweet growth chart is perfect for a boy, or a girl.

    Find it at wallartdesign
  • Giraffe Growth Chart 5 of 7
    Giraffe Growth Chart
    This vinyl growth chart decal is easy to apply, and adds a splash of color to your toddler's room.

    Find it at BubbaAndDoodle
  • Grow Giraffe Canvas Growth Chart 6 of 7
    Grow Giraffe Canvas Growth Chart
    Another sweet giraffe growth chart, this one featuring beautiful art work that will add a unique touch to a bedroom or play room.

    Find it at jennifermercede
  • Outer Space Growth Chart 7 of 7
    Outer Space Growth Chart
    This bright growth chart is perfect for your little explorer!

    Find it at PetiteLemon

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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