7 Cool Cloth Diaper Wet Bags!

How cute is this?

Do you cloth diaper?

I started cloth diapering my toddler during the summer of 2010, during this time it was all new to us. And a stylish wet bag was the least of my problems.

Now that I feel like I am more versed in cloth diapering as a whole, and I am fully cloth diapering two children.

I started on a quest to find a couple new wet bags for our house because I am rotating them so often as I am washing diapers day-in and day-out. But I always want to find something that at least has the same kind of color theme for the kids bedrooms.

Boy or girl… on the go bag, or a hanging bag that stays at home… solid patterns, different animals, or even just artistic patterns… what do you love?

But these are just a hand full of options, and if you have a wet bag you are particularly a fan of, please link it below!

  • Planet Wise Wet Bags 1 of 7
    Planet Wise Wet Bags
    I have a small planet wise wet bag, and it has to be one of the best wet bags I have ever tried out.
    It is durable, easy to clean, and functions perfectly. I also love the zipper pocket on the side for storage. Click here for Planet Wise Wet Bags
  • Itti Bitti Luxury Wet Bags 2 of 7
    Itti Bitti Luxury Wet Bags
    These are adorable, Australian based luxury wet bags.
    They come in all kinds of adorable colors and prints the reviews on them are just as awesome! Click here for Itti Bitti Wet Bags
  • Rumperooz Wet Bag 3 of 7
    Rumperooz Wet Bag
    I love these because they are much bigger than most wet bags. I always feel like my wet bag isn't big enough! Click here for Rumperooz Wet Bags
  • SnuggleBaby on Etsy Wet Bag 4 of 7
    SnuggleBaby on Etsy Wet Bag
    I love work at home moms, and all of the awesome, adorable, and practical stuff you can find on etsy for cloth diapering.
    It is a great wet bag option! Click here for SnuggleBaby on Etsy
  • ModMomMe on Etsy 5 of 7
    ModMomMe on Etsy
    I love these bags as well, and the Etsy shop owner has a great array of different patterns available! Click here for ModMomMe on Etsy
  • PaisleyBaby on Etsy 6 of 7
    PaisleyBaby on Etsy
    Different than your normal zipper wet bags, these are tie bags.
    Just as great, one of the wet bags we use in our house is a tie bag, and they work just as well!
    I love the patterns this shop has! Click here for PaisleyBaby on Etsy
  • JodysDesigns on Etsy 7 of 7
    JodysDesigns on Etsy
    This is also a great etsy shop for a wet bag, and this one even comes with two matching wash cloths! Click here for JodysDesigns on Etsy

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