7 Fabulous and Free Apps for Toddlers

I know some of you are anti-screen time. In our house, we play with tech in moderation. There are days the iPads stay hidden in their secret hiding/charging place and then there are days when they are played until the battery has run dead. We are on-the-go a lot, so the iPads are a gem for keeping peace in the car.

We try to balance fun and education with the apps they play on, and when it comes to buying apps, we would rather buy us apps, not them. Here are a few apps that our toddlers are loving that are free, fun and educational.

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    toddler apps

    Looking for some fun apps for your toddler to play? Check out these free and fun (and educational!) toddler apps. 

  • R-Tap Drums 2 of 8

    Our 3-year-old is a rock star in the making. Ever since he was a baby, his fascination with music has blown us away. He makes drums out of everything he can find. This app lets him play various types of drums. We have to watch him though... we caught him using spoons on the iPad as drumsticks. Thank GOD for our Otterbox!! (Read: Best iPad Cases for Kids!)

    Download Ratatap Drums for Free for Apple iOS
    Download Drum Kit, a similar drum app, for Android

  • Where’s My Water? 3 of 8

    Encourage problem solving as your toddler works through various puzzles to help Swampy the alligator get his water. The app is created by Disney and is very well done (and a huge hit among both our toddlers and our two tweens!) There is a free version as well as a paid version of this app.

    Download Where's My Water Free for iOS
    Download Where's My Water Free for Android

  • ABC Alphabet Phonics 4 of 8

    If you are wanting a fun way to teach your child the alphabet, this app is a great start. Various letters appear and your child is prompted to touch a specific letter.

    Download ABC Alphabet Phonics for iOS

  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 5 of 8

    This app has various activities like connect the stars (similar to connect the dots), peek-a-boo and a sing-along to "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star."

    Download Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for iOS

  • Preschool Amazing Bus Puzzle 6 of 8

    This is a silly little app, but our boys love it. There are various puzzles throughout the app that your child has to figure out. The only thing I hate is the ads that my kids always end up clicking. I guess that's the price of "free."

    Download Preschool Amazing Bus Puzzle for iOS

  • Colors and Shapes 7 of 8

    Colors and Shapes app teaches, well colors and shapes. Your toddler will work through the various levels, asking them to touch certain colors and shapes. As they learn, they can progress to further levels.

    Download Colors and Shapes for iOS

  • 35 Sing-Along Songs 8 of 8

    If your child loves to sing along to songs, they will love this free app! The app starts playing through the 35 songs and gives you the option to forward to the next song, rewind, play again or play previous song -- similar to an iPad but with all kid songs.

    Download 35 Sing Along Songs for iOS 

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