7 Helpful Tips for Taking Toddlers to the Movies

Going to the movies with our toddler has been something I’ve put off since having our boys three years ago. During the last movie we saw as a family, Izaiah was an infant and he slept through the whole thing.

But last week, our older kids had a teacher in-service day. We’ve all been fighting the flu over the last few weekends and needed to get OUT OF THE HOUSE. Our 10-year-old daughter has been singing “Let it Go” from Frozen, so I thought, OK — let’s give the movies a try with the toddlers. I did some prepping and I warned the older kids that we would have to leave if the boys decided to get out of control. And it was a SUCCESS! Well, we had a small blip after we left the movie, but I’ll explain that later. For now, let’s talk about some useful tips if you’re also going to take toddlers to the movies.

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    Before taking your toddlers to the movies, check out these 7 helpful tips to make your experience a good one for everyone!

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    We were lucky enough to be able to go during the week and hit up the 4:20 pm show. This way the tots were well rested and there wasn't a crowd. 

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    This should be a general "DUH" -- but make sure the movie is appropriate for toddlers. Don't try to drag your kid to see Need for Speed and expect them to behave. Frozen was a fabulous watch, and bonus: I really liked it, too. (Can't say that about a lot of kid movies!)

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    Toddlers and movies

    For a type B mom, prepping isn't my favorite thing. Despite my type, I've learned over the years that prepping for some events with these boys is required for success. We talked up a big game. We made sure that the kids were well-rested. We prepped the older kids. Also, make sure everyone uses the restroom and diapers are changed before the movie.

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    I knew if I let the boys bring their cars, the Hot Wheels would be zoomed down the movie theater aisles. But both boys are also totally into stuffed animals. So I let them choose a stuffed animal to bring to the movie. Sorry Ted, you weren't allowed -- I'd have to pay for an extra ticket. Stuffed animals were a safe toy, and I only had to pick up one of them after Zeke threw it down a few rows.

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    Another distraction for the movie is food. I bought a large popcorn, Skittles and a large drink for the toddlers and older kids. MOM TRICK: I brought plastic sandwich sacks and distributed the popcorn amongst each child. So, no fighting or screaming "PASS THE POPCORN!" This worked out BRILLIANTLY. The candy? Well, we can talk about that later.

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    We sat near the handicap section so this gave the kids a little bit more wiggle room. The 3-year-old danced through the songs and attempted to sing. It was adorable, especially since no one was around.

    Also, check with the movie theatre, often they have booster seats for toddlers.

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    Enjoy the movie with your kids. Try to make the best out of it even if they are bad. I am still shocked the kids were so good.

The kids did great…. until we left and were in the restroom and my 2-year-old started puking. Apparently he didn’t share the Skittles with anyone and consumed the entire box. Rainbow puke… just lovely. But you know what? The kids had a good time. And he only puked once, so I’ll call it a success. (File this under: Things I Never Thought I’d Say.)

Are your toddlers good at the movies? What tips do you have for moms?

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